1. run

    No dead ass, look closely at the pics of him with the suit on, look at his sack. I wanna lick him up and down, that’s zaddy!

      • The Man

        From what I have observed but have not 100% confimed is most of the good guys in this life are actuall quiet and introverted. Y’all know those types, they are really quiet and standoffish but they are gay ass hell. LOL They are easy to read, but they are often confused as people who are weird. I can be shy every now and then but these guys are ridiculously strange. LOL They can’t look you in the eye and they prefer to be alone all the time. Oh but when your back is turned, you may catch them spying every now and then.

  2. Damn. The Man just described me to a T, but I’m not clockable because I don’t give anything ammo for anyone to “clock”.

    • The Man

      You may not think you’re clockable but you are. Just like I was clockable to other downlow dudes, but not to straight people. Of course the straights don’t know but WE know. Being introverted, shy, and standoffish are always signs that someone has something to hide, but we just have to find out what. They choose to be that way because they think no one can clock them if they keep to themselves. Other races can do get away with this more but not us. Typical black men don’t act this way unless something is up.

      • ^that dude who shot up that theater was shy, introverted, and standoffish too.
        and he was looking for pussy.

        just putting that out there.
        {dashes out comment box}

      • The Man

        Yea guys like this can be crazy too. From what I have noticed, when they do get someone they can be possibly obsessed, the stalker type, and extremely jealous and insecure to the point that any female or male is a threat and can possibly come and take their lover away from them.

  3. Jrock

    Ryan is a fine and sexy brother. Another good reason to watch the Steelers play other than Emmanuel Sanders and Mike Wallace!

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