Premium Meat of My Minute: Martez Wilson

tumblr_mun00jnJgU1r78dgto1_1280so you know i love baller wolves.
if you don’t,
then you clearly don’t know me after all these years.
well i saw this picture and thought whoever this baller wolf is was fuckin’ hot.
i wanted him immediately.
of course i went sniffin around and found out who he was…
Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 2.15.30 PM martez wilson




born in chicago

linebacker for the oakland raiders

his lips and nose being his most stand out feature:

he looks rough around the edges,
but looks like he could tamed tho.
i like that shit.

tumblr_m97rlggWaV1re6hhmo1_500i like that shit alot.

lowkey: his suit is a little big in that one picture.
don’t worry tez.
i can direct you to a good tailor.
he definitely needs to wear his suits body fitting.

x read more about martez here


  1. He is handsome and yea the nose & lips does make him stand out. There something that really turns me on about him and that is the stretch marks on his shoulders. I don’t know why I find that hot.

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