They Played The Giants On The New York Post Today

i saw this whole scene on snaphat when it was going on.
tremaine had them ny giant baller wolves all on ^that boat,
with a gaggle of hoes,
and some random snow wolves cooking food and getting groceries on jet skis.
str8 flexin.
i’m sure it was orgy central too.
well who knew it would be the cover of the new york post today?
after such a bad loss and playoff dreams crushed?


      • Humbleness is key….I have three questions….. who is the one with the red hat? Who is the one with the beige hat? And who is thickems with the hair and flannel shirt tied around his waist?

  1. Some coworkers were discussing this cover this morning. They were older gentlemen of different races and even they commented about the way Odell looked at Trey. Lol.

  2. @swagg that’s victor cruz. Also, it wasn’t being cocky. They had an off day, so went to Florida, with the blessing of their coach, on their off day. Had they won, it wouldn’t be an issue. Media made it a big deal.

    • Vic was in the red cap…but who is the one wearing the beige cap, who is the dude with the flannel shirt wrapped around his waist, and who is the kat with the black hat?!
      Answers people!! LOL

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