DeRon Furr Goes From Baller Wolf To Trap Wolf

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.59.02 PMlisteeeennnnnn i can’tttttt….
so imagine being a pre-baller wolf right now.
yes you can close your eyes.
so you’re good at what you do,
you get drafted,
get injured,
and then get released?
sucks doesn’t it?
well thats the left field of the baller wolf life.
success its not always promised.
lets meet deron furr
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What That Mouth (Won’t) Do

tumblr_me794yovy21rwn4ito1_500one thing that drives me crazy is a dirt mouth.
have you ever met an attractive dude,
the outside was looking’ real good,
his pictures on instagram was on fleek,
but as soon as he opened his mouth,
it smelled like the garbage of a coroner’s office?
no bueno x’s 110.
mouth hygiene is very important in your daily interactions.
you can smell really good with your scent,
but that can trumped if your breath smells like straight dookie.
you know its real bad when you gotta use the word “dookie”.
now not every day will our mouth be “so fresh; so clean”,
but these are tips to avoid violating someone’s nostrils
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Porsha Williams Needs To Take The Dead Battery Out Her Back

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.04.33 AMam i the only one who thinks porsha williams is a doofus?
i mean i use to think she was backwoods country,
borderline slow,
and a follower for foolishness,
but last night’s episode of #rhoa officially made up my mind…
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Fast Car

tumblr_ndqsr3aSYu1todri2o1_500i had a dream i was whippin’ a black lambo on this highway last night.
i was racing with this straight wolf i use to be cool with.
we were also with some other people i couldn’t make out.
those people were in a mini van.
i could have sworn there was also a vixen i use to work with in the dream.
we were all driving somewhere,
but since the wolf and i both had the fastest cars,
we were trying to compete with each other.
i was in my car solo.
i could feel my hands on the steering wheel,
the leather seats under me,
and the feeling of driving really fast.
the dream felt crazy real.
i woke up as i was driving down some dark road in this forest.
i had to check out what the dream meant because my fox senses were buzzing.
 i headed right to the internet and “dreammoods” popped up…
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God Likes When You Sing That You Aren’t Gay No More

andrew-caldwellwhen you get your 15 minutes of fame,
you better act quick.
you need to strike with a series of moves that may extend your clock.
well mister “i love the wimmenz”,
andrew caldwell,
has a new song out.
a song.
you may hear this at your local church one day.
it’s called “i’m not gay no more” featuring andre forbes
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Trey Songz and August Alsina Do Usher

usher-that-grape-juice-she-is-diva-that-grape-juice-1-600x465oh wait…
did you think this was some backstage gossip?
you sick pervert!
how could you?
so usher brought out foxhole favs,
august alsina and trey songz,
on stage.
he is currently all over the country for the #urxconcert.
he recorded a video for ushertv and well…
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Drivin’ Round Pickin’ Up Hookers

0_0as you know,
or didn’t,
one of my favorite games last year was gta 5.
one of my other favorite things was driving around pickin up hookers.
the sweet smell of video game cooch.
am i the only one who thought franklin was hot?
okay good.
i’m not the only one
anyway gta 5 was just released for xo and ps4.
they upgraded the look of the game,
as well as added first person view.
i was curious as to what a first person gta smashin” was like.
wshh had a snippet and well…
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How To Get Away With A Back Like That!

tumblr_nfdf54gJAb1ts9leuo4_250^loved how she grabbed a chunk of butt cheek…
can we talk about nate’s back in “how to get away with murder”?

is it me or does he resemble johnny crome?
nate is the perfect “emergency pipe in a glass”
visually stimulating.
i’m sure can knock the dust off your…
i need a “nate” pickin’ me up and throwin’ me against a wall ASAPY.
i deserve a sexy wolf with all the hell i go through on the daily.
but back to nate’s back tho…
so annalise went to go get some pipe after seeing her dead husband?
i don’t even blame her.
she became my spirit animal after he put him to sleep and dipped.
but that end tho>>>>>>>
i was on the floor!
we’ll reconvene after winter break jan 29th!

lowkey: scandal also left me going “whoa!”…

watch the #tgit winter finale: scandal | how to get away with murder