Tank Said You Can Put His Legs in The Air

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.45.27 PMno.
this is not tank’s impersonation of him sledding.
this is actually tank,
on power105.1 breakfast club,
letting the world know he will let you put his legs in the air.
tank likes his booty eaten like groceries and has no fucks to give.
this is what he told power 105.1 @ 15:28 today…
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So Milan Christopher Changed His Position On Us?

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.03.38 PMthose bunz are made for…?
so guess what?
i was right.
i knew something was coming.
see the public doesn’t know milan christopher like the foxhole.
ever since he appeared on #lhhh,
he has been the savior for all the gays.
surprisingly he has also been the lust of many vixens.
one thing about him is he doesn’t fit “the stereotype”.
well i guess he is supposedly “bisexual” now.
i guess being cheated on turned him off.
well according to the shade room and his ig
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Who Is Watching American Crime Story Tonight?


the “oj simpson” story is really interesting to me.
it has so many twists and turns.
the crime scene pictures still haunt me.
no one still knows the truth.
did oj kill nicole brown simpson and ron goldman?
did drug lords?
did his cub?
every year it seems there is some new suspect.
well fx is airing a limited series about it tonight,
called “american crime story: the people vs oj simpson”,
compliments of ryan murphy.
it comes on tonight at 10pm.
i’ll be tuned in.
i hope to see you there.

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Rude Zude?


“we are a mess together.”

so ya’ll know i’m a “hit the floor” fan.
took damn near 7 years for it to come back,
but i was right on board.
season 3 is already starting out good,
but am i the only one interested in this “zude” storyline?
you know i like dysfunctional shit.
they had this HOT sex scene in the closet last night.
it started out like “dis”
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