Kick In The Door, Wavin’ The… (Aaah Whatever)

tumblr_n0v8x1GFzq1r787hmo1_500i literally walked in the door like a couple minutes ago.
yes i know…
so my boss hired a new older wolf to work in our team.
i spent the majority of the day training him.
liar liar was supposed to,
but she unofficially checked herself out of that duty.
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Daddy, Lets Take Our Ratchet Love To Hollywood

love-hip-hop-hollywoodi felt it was like a train wreck that i couldn’t turn away from…
was i the only one who felt this way?
so tonight,
“love and hiphop hollywood” premiered.
this show is one a whole new level of ratchet,
but i have a quick breakdown
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When Did This Happen To Michael B. Jordan?


….and why was i not invited?
um michael b. jordan is debuting big arms ‘n’ shit.
this was him at the mayweather fight last night.
^this strolled down my tumblr tl on some “wait a damn minute…”
whats next?

and a fat bubble???

no complaints in my font either!
either way…

“hi michael…”

tumblr_mb6nfqB1vY1rfov7to1_400see more: just jared jr

Kanye West Doesn’t Like… Anyone?

tumblr_inline_mpm7p0d3Tx1qz4rgpkanye west is gone.
this person who is walking around here is a shell of his former self.
i remember when he dropped “the college dropout” in 04.

Kanyewest_collegedropouti wore that cd out whenever i could!
i’m serious.
it got so scratched up,
that i had hell transfering it into mp3 format.
i faithfully bought every one of his albums that followed.
“graduation” being my absolute favorite.
it was like he spoke to me in his music.
when his mother passed and “george bush doesn’t like black people”,
i was officially sold.
i related with him on losing his parent,
and was pissed for my people who were being treated like dogs in new orleans.
he was so passionate about the people.
his people.
my people.
the blacks.
his voice reached the underdogs of the world.
well who knew,
years later,
he would make my stomach turn with the antics?
just seeing him now makes me sick.
besides marrying the biggest attention whore in history,
something he claimed he was so against way back when,
he also seems to have no respect for anyone.
his latest?
stopping his concert in australia,
demanding people to get up or he won’t continue…

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