Mimi and Nikko Make a Christian Mingle Video

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.26.49 PMso i’m at work today and decided to catch up on my entertainment fix.
i tune into tmz and literally gasped so loud that thing 2 looked at me.
so mimi from #lhhatl,
and her “whateveryouwannacallthat” nikko,
made a “christian mingle” relationship video.
they decided to randomly bless us.
so the mailroom wolves were goin in first:

“yooooo ya’ll see mimi????”
“bitch was doing gymnastics off the shower rod!”
“she a freak.”

…then thing 2 found out the preview clip was on wshh.
of course i couldn’t watch it on my work computer.
so i opened up my phone and saw this (nsfw and 18^)…
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That Time of Year Again (Ratchet)

xmashair-e1353391935873you smell that?
you don’t smell it?
take a good whiff.
  that’s it.
that is the smell of the return of “ratchet mondays” on vh-1.
clearly lhhny never gets it right.
my favorite of the series,
love and hiphop atl,
is back for season 3 and you gotta peep this ratchet mess of the trailer…
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Tears of a Clown

“jamari check the calendar.
we have a meeting at 4pm today.
the vp and “liar liar” are also meeting with us.” - my boss.

oh jesus.
that is when i felt the butterflies in my stomach that wanting to escape out my butt…
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A Little Chocolate Before Bed.

tumblr_n3n66qxsMh1rj71puo2_500i want to wake up 2 sumin’ like dis.
2 sumin’ like dis…
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Grindr + Horny + Unemployed = Bring Ya Pistol

tumblr_n3n66qxsMh1rj71puo4_400i bet your tail you sit up if something like ^that hit you up.
since the economy is so bad these days,

and the republikkkans turned off unemployment,
a lot of riff raff will be doing “riff raff like” behavior.
innocent people on various social media platforms.
“stick you for ya cream and ya riches
zsa zsa gabor,
demi moore,
prince diana,
and all those rich bitches” - no time, lil kim.
i mean we have talked about the dangers of grindr on many occasions,
but it seems to never get old.
an f-bi sent me a story of a grindr hook up gone completely wrong…
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WOLF MEAT: (412)

american-flag-vestnothing better than a fresh pair of denim.
now what are you going to wear with it?
oh those look nice…
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tumblr_myukh94H661r8jquyo1_500…well with this particular smash session that is.
so i saw this foxxx and was impressed with the stroke on the snow wolf.
usually they do that jack rabbit on acid thing,
but this one (nsfw and 18^)…
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This One Is On One Tonight

neneleakeswith friends like this,
who needs enemies!
is this one feelin’ herself tonight or nah?
she is coming off like a real insecure woman on wwhl.
on another note:
i’ve already set my dvr for the reunion next week.

The Dominican Wolf Cums Through (As Told Through BS)

tumblr_lzrianC05T1qhmuskso the dominican wolf just left my crib.
yeahhhhhhhh buddy…
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