Guess Who Is Going To Be In The 2015 ESPN Body Issue?

tumblr_nqctv5UcZL1uwwrxno2_1280…and i am completely ready for it all.
well its about that time.
the 2015 espn body issue will hit stands pretty soon.
its when chosen baller wolves/vixens get naked for the world to see.
well i only see one baller wolf that i’m interested in…
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Summertime Sadness (Its Sadder Day)

people have this huge misconception you cannot be sad.
you cannot have feelings.
even as a man.
you always have to “happy go lucky” every day.
ignoring everything that is eating you up inside.
i think this is where celebs go wrong.
they try to put on this front everything is “okay” in their world.
that material things and selfies means life is peachy keen.
it causes us,
the people in the audience,
to feel we need to be the same way.
that if we aren’t smiling 24/7,
or acting like life is completely perfect,
that something is wrong with us.
i have to say…
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The Mentality of Gay Marriage

now i’m happy for those who are celebrating the gay marriage ruling.
have never been a marriage fanatic.
i don’t see myself getting married to anyone,
but i won’t knock anyone who wants to.
your life; your choice.
i was having an interesting discussion today with one of the foxholers.
they mentioned how they felt about gay marriage and well…
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Regine Hunter Joins A Reality Show

kim-fields-living-single-tv-show-photo-GCin my head,
i feel like regine hunter from living single would be on a reality show.
in my head,
i can see the episode now.
well in reality,
kim fields who played that character,
is joining a reality show we know so well.
which one?
well take a look…
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They All Up In Donnie McClurkin Booty Hole Right Now

11102797_350605848475162_3843934196138539_nhe likes it that big?
i kid.
not really.
anyway as you know,
gay marriage was legalized nationwide.
well the church fo’ks been fallin’ out over it.
i’m sure church gonna be all the way turnt up this weekend.
donnie mcclurkin,
as the jokes probably write themselves,
had something to say about it on his facebook…
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K Michelle Politely Had To Remind Draya She’s The Right One

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.16.08 PMlook at these two pretty vixens.
k michelle.
well this was at the bet post show and people noticed a lot of tension between the two.
well guess what?
there was!
k michelle had to address draya on a past tweet she made.
well this is what she said via the shade room
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