inflatable_dollwhat is “damn he tore my shit up” mean to people?
ever so often,
we meet a wolf who is cocky in the bed.
we beggin for mercy and can’t stop moaning.
the neighbors know his first,
and parent’s name.
what would you think of a wolf if had someone hollering like this…
and a link that isn’t for straight eyes)…
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facialsloveso as a fox,
or hybrid,
it is always best to put your best face forward.
you don’t know when you will be headed to an event,
meeting new people,
or even a job interview.
besides having your style swagg on point,
you face also has to be the same as well.
so lets talk the wonderful world of facials.
it is best to always exfoliate your skin every two-three days.
depends on what your skin type is.
i personally rotate every three days.
exfoliating is basically removing dead skin and bringing forth your “glow”.
this is the “glow” era memba?
now choosing the right scrub can be a pain,
especially if you don’t know what your skin type is.
well have no fear,
“le luxe le fox” salon is here.
i have some good drug store suggestions for you to check out…
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tumblr_n98xwin3Kb1rj71puo1_500ya know…
sometimes i don’t blame people or smashin’ the homies.
or the “teammates”.
i said “sometimes”!
look at these ^3.
the one on the left gets my vote.
so does the one on the right.
i’m a hoe.
now look at these homies…
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