Chris Brown’s Transgendered House Jackal Speaks!

chris-brown-instagramwell damn!
november 3rd came quick!
shit i done missed halloween
the transgendered she jackal by the name of shauna brooks,
who supposedly did “something” with chris brown,
sped up the date to talk about what happened that night at his crib.
you know ( x the one ) i’m talking about…
you better pull up a chair and grab some popcorn.
this is what went down
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Tyler Lepley Is More Than “The Cute Dumb Jock”

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.36.47 PMso i literally thought about tyler lepley yesterday.
don’t know why,
but he crossed my mind.
well it may have just been a foreshadow.
one of my foxholers alerted me that he had an interview with mr. butt cheeks,
jacob kohinoor,
for krave tv.
tyler spoke about how he got into acting,
what to expect for the next season of “haves and have nots”,
future career goals,
and even plastic surgery.
he even dropped some life gems i needed to hear as well..
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Don’t Take Me Being Nice For Weakness

tumblr_mfc1hnEA9p1rs4vzjo1_500i’m starting to realize that…
one of the greatest weapons you can posses is being nice.
you read right.
i’m actually saying this.
for a long time,
i thought being “the asshole” was better.
you know those types.
i’ve witnessed people bowing down to those who were mean and nasty.
its hard not to think you have to become that to gain respect.
well guess what?
it takes experiencing something to see that it’s not what you want…
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I Always See The Fine Wolves While Mindin’ My Beeswax

drooloktweetain’t that the truth?
i be minding my business,
walking down the street,
and someone whose face i need to sit on walks by.
do i turn around?
do i pull out my camera to make the memory last forever?
what does a fox do?
well this reminds me of the wolf i saw in the barber shop yesterday…
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Your Scent Is “Booty Booty Butt Cheeks” By Eau Du Toilette

tumblr_mya0umxP1L1scu9vwo1_1280we all live in our own forests.
thing is,
no one’s forest is truly the same.
when it comes to dating,
and not fuckin’,
everyone has a different scent.
it makes us who we are.
the scent of sex smells like “half naked pictures” and “suggestive texts”.
anyone can do that.
you can get anyone to fuck you if they are horny enough.
the scent of a hoe is pretty easy to smell.
when it comes to what makes someone stick around,
do you know what your scent is?
what it was?
well we need to take a trip inside.
deep inside.
so my question to you is…

What scent are you giving off?

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So I Heard Rihanna Shut Down Lenox Mall Today…

B00tO5BIYAATSd7see i like this.
so i’m pretty much in the rihanna navy.
i don’t do stan wars tho.
i just drive the get away car.
when i’m down,
i listen to her music.
i’ve been bumpin’ “rated r” and “loud” these last few days.
her music and all around vibe tends to make you have not 1 fuck 2 give.
rihanna went to atl do an event for her new perfume,
“rogue man”,
at macys today in the lenox mall.
i love how she interacts with her fans
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