Foxhole Meet Joe Anderson, The Baller Wolf Towel Model

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-12-04-59-amMY FOXHOLE IS THE SHIT!!!!
no soon did i write that entry,
a f-bi sent me the shot via foxmail.
i swear my foxhole could find hillary’s emails and trump’s tax returns.
i kid.
so this is what joe anderson posted this morning on snap.
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Joe Anderson and His Vanishing Modeling Picture

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-11-13-00-pmi have talked about big papa,
but happily married,
joe anderson many times.

he is a cut nfl baller wolf trying to find his way on a team.
he also has the most handsome face ive seen in a while.
no homo?
well did anyone see that picture he posted on his snapchat story today?
that professional modeling picture with him in just a towel
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You Trying To Catch The D/L Like Pokemon


so i’ve been thinking about this whole “markeith rivers” on-going scandal.
he is the jackal that is on this johnny quest mission of outing d/l wolves.
i don’t think it’s a mental issue because he fucks them and then outs them.
that reads moreso malicious and “i know what i’m doing”.
we don’t need to baby him.
it’s the same mentality a ton of gays have out here.
they don’t like the d/l so they have to destroy them.
my thing is…


honestly speaking…
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