I’ll Have A Cup of Semen With My Sandwich Please


wtf is going on with the world?
it’s like the jackals are coming out more and more.
before we know it,
they will start overtaking the good.
so this jackal decided to pour his semen on this vixen at panera bread.
he just walked up to her and gave her head a cup fulla nut.
cbs12 has more on this disgusting story…
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I Like Pink Drawz Worn By d_fitness_life

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-10-36-19-amwell the foxhole is always on it.
ya know,
i love my foxhole.
all i gotta do is ask a question and someone has an answer.
it may come in comments or emails,
but someone always got me.
thank you for always being the “siri” to my blogging reality.
with that being said,
a f-bi provided the lead to the meat from ( x i like pink drawz ).
everyone meet d_fitness_life and the photo shoot he had in new yawk…
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