Sam Smith’s Dating Stock Just Went Up

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.13.11 PMi am holding out hope that once i make it,
i can date all the sexy (baller) wolves that i fantasized about.
i mean whats the point of reaching success if you won’t?
at least get some pipe as you’re hot.
well after being nominated for 6 grammys this year,
 sam smith is fresh on his way to “made it” level.
the pipe is now starting to come in abundance.
yes jesus!
well according to the fox wire,
he met someone on the set of his “like i can” video.
everyone meet the alleged snow wolf…
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I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Saury With A Calendar

tumblr_mlks856X2O1r7993do1_500this is one of my favorite dominican wolves.
i’ve mentioned saury valerio before.
foxholer lin actually found his name for us.
thanks lin.
well i think saury is sexy as hell.
personally speaking.
i think i’d like to see him put together a calendar.
why you ask?…
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You Pineapples Ain’t Loyal

tumblr_mrzptcd5bs1srh6cco1_500we all have fought with friends.
i’m sure we have all gone at it with people we love.
i know i have.
lets say you choose to end the friendship.
maybe it was too much negativity.
or maybe it has just ran its course.
why the FUCK…
does that give someone the right to start telling your business?

what the hell is that about?
where is the fuckin’ loyalty?
shit like this makes you not want to trust people at all.
in friendships you are supposed to share things,
sometimes private moments,
and you expect them to stay between you and you “friend”.
well i guess the new thing is “friendship ends so lets start talking”.
you see these jackals expose everyone for 15 minutes of fame nowadays.
i started to wonder…

Why can friends turn into your biggest foes?

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So Drake Helps Fan Who Was Contemplating Suicide?

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.54.12 PMhow funny…
i started typing this and k michelle’s “drake would love me” came on.
i believe drake has a good heart.
you can tell he was raised good.
one of his fans posted a heartfelt comment about how they wanted to give up.
this is what he allegedly said…
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When Bad Christians Happen To The New Straights

10857780_745000622236508_3625358314348941162_noh andrew caldwell has messed up today.
he has lost his way.
i think he needs to be found...
and quick.
so an f-bi alerted me on mister “i love the wimmenz” and his latest tirade.
he has become a “new straight” ya’ll.
what is that you ask?
well take a look…
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