Idris Elba Is Who You Call When You Want That Thang Beat Up

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 7.11.26 PMidris elba is in the fight of his life.
the fight?

To not have to try to hard to get my the drawz

well who knew idris is a part time boxer?
so much so,
he has a fight coming up.
he posted his progress through a selfie on his ig and well…
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Love… Shouldn’t Have Killed Me Last Night

it can make you do crazy things.
it can make you a complete idiot or have you kill someone.
well some of us would kill for a wolf like ^that.
that jackal in wolf’s fur,
who goes by marcus bellamy,
killed his boyfriend out of “love”.
so much so,
he posted his lovely confession to the murder on his facebook.
wait til you read this story via the f-bis and ny daily news
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