The Take Down of Chris Brown?

tumblr_o9i1jt9hL11u2r94mo1_500this is what happens when you start to self sabotage.
so about two animals have jumped off the “chris brown” ship.
one was his manager that alleges he was beat up.
he is currently suing.
now his publicist,
nicole perna,
has quit and came with the receipts.
this is how it all went down via tmz
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She Gone And I’m Still In Hell


liar liar is officially gone.
she decided to use her sick days for the rest of the week.
my boss broke the news to us today.
he told us we would all be doing her left over work,
while going forward,
we will all take on her work load until the new “her” arrives.
when that will be?
anyone’s guess.
we were also told that…

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Why Did Tank Jump In This “Justin Timberlake Dragging”?

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.56.21 PM

^that is what started the “justin timberlake” dragging last night.
oh justin.
why didn’t you just keep quiet?
a few stones would have blown over.
now they rolling boulders over your ass.

it got so bad,
justin had to back peddle because he was running out of hair follicles.
well tank,
in a very random defense,
decided to jump in the dragging to save justin timberlake.
this is what he posted on his instagram
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Jessie Williams For President (Everyone Else Go Home)

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.28.24 PMcan we talk about jessie williams now?
actor by day; super hero by fight.

you know i had to give him a special entry.
how amazing was his speech last night at the 2016 bet awards?
he was there to accept his humanitarian award,
but who knew he came to give the black community a much needed dragging?
if you didn’t watch,
or did,
i want you to see it as many times as possible…
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