He Heard Me (Thank God)

tumblr_nrgj8rN5PP1qc2waio1_500its so funny,
but when i call out to star fox or god for help,
i get an answer.
it almost scary how it happens.
so everyone knows i stream td jakes service every sunday.
i am a faithful potter’s house e-member.
this week was the t.o.r.i graduates and retired baller wolf,
ray lewis,
was invited to speak.
well he was tugging on my heart strings so i started to cry.
it took church to release everything i was storing inside.
in the middle of my weeping,
i prayed that god and star fox for help.
well no sooner than i said that,
i got a text on my phone…
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I’m Behind Enemy Lines

b2c61151a7fdfb1a60b7c996b2bfba28i didn’t mope around like i was going to this weekend.
i did stay in the crib,
but i actually felt motivated to do shit.
i don’t even think i felt sad for more than a couple hours.
i wrote,
because that always makes me happy,
but i also looked up ways to start getting back to whats important
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Odell Beckham JR Goes Down In Some Leakage?

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 11.43.41 PMi like odell in ^that position.
so you know how i feel about baller wolf for the new york giants,
odell beckham jr.
well an f-bi sent me this alleged picture of him…
lets just say its a mouthful.
and “the curious straights” can view)
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Not All White People Are Bad

tumblr_mbjb50ajV51qcjvzro1_500…or nah?
you read right.
not all of the whites are bad people.
i cannot sit here and say that.
you also cannot sit up here and say that either.
now jamari fox will never ever become a “new black”.
i despise “new blacks”.
i defend my people always,
i choose black wolves over any race,
and lord knows i love when we get together and things go smooth.
the “new black” just ain’t happening for me.
not now.
not ever.
the above title may look sketchy,
but i’m about to drop my simple opinion
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When Making Fun Of Sandra Bland Goes Wrong For Your Life

tumblr_nrytuikUWX1rwqtdyo1_1280i wonder if the whites ever see situations like this and say:

i hope that person ain’t white…”

…like the blacks do when we already have that “feeling” about our people.
i love foolishness.

i also love when the jackals of the world get exposed for their foolishness.
we gonna get into ^that shortly.
so i know you heard about sandra bland.
ok you haven’t.

well here is a quick refresher...
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Faces of Pleasure from The Fine Wolf

11265250_444580502376337_5285671595806515397_nhe is “the truth”.
patrick “the truth” moore that is.
i posted about him ( x a while back ).
good to see he became a beast over the years.
well an f-bi sent me this video of patrick getting what he needed.
the video is pg-13.

may not be viewed at work
the straights can view it

you know how i get in an entry like this.
well you know when a wolf is experiencing pure pleasure.
he trembles or his toes curl.
his facial expressions are also a dead giveaway…
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I Got What I Wanted

tumblr_mtioj6TNBq1rdzz4io4_500came in the crib last night,
got my laptop,
and wrote the following…
as i was editing to post,
i said:

“let me close my eyes real quick”

anyway here it is:

i did something tonight.
well hell i was feeling sad earlier.
everyone left early,
but i stayed to do some work.
thing 2 also stayed as well.
she came over to my section and asked me why i looked so sad.

“i’m not sad.”

“well your face says something else.”

“nah i’ll be good”

i needed to do something to make me feel better.
she had a suggestion..
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