7 Thoughts on “MEAT: RE-HEAT (571)

  1. The Man on 12 March, 2014 at 10:16 pm said:

    *runs around my room* I need some water man. Is this the dude who said he wanted to keep gays away? Give me ten minutes, that’s all I need to change his mind. I love me a tall man. I’m a country boi, I can chop trees.

  2. smh i’d eat this mocha latte negro up lol…smh why did GOD make men so FINE!?!?!

  3. Zen Buddha on 12 March, 2014 at 10:38 pm said:

    He’s a rapper?WTF!

    Oh yeah, I forgot, everyone is a triple/quadruple threat these days.

    I’d lick him though.

    I hope he don’t read this.I’m a hermaphrodite if that makes you feel better.

  4. He is gorgeous.

  5. He is stunning tho. Absolutely gorgeous.

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