MEAT: (484)

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.11.31 PMwell hello…
you had me your eyebrows.
another f-bi sent me in a wolfie submission for the foxhole.
this time his name is sirstyle,
health coach/herbalife muscle slanger from cali.
i always wondered what the wolves from cali where like?
well this one has me feeling some kind of way…

do you see his back????????
he is handsome,
can dress,
keeps his body together,
and is positive motivating force in your life (thanks aaliyah):

i would stare at him all day.
he looks like he can work you out.
exercising perv.
he is what you call “husband material”.
it’s like all the good ones are straight.
either way,
this wolf looks like he is going places.
you should follow.
i just might.

visit sirstyle on his instagram: sirstyle
visit his: youtube channel


  1. He’s hot n all but

    “a health coach/herbalife muscle slanger from cali.”

    Goddamn, how do these dudes make money when they all do the same thing?You might as well say 70% of men in southern Cali are personal trainers/health coaches.Good grief.Are there really that much lazy people out there that need someone to tell them “one more, one more” that all these dudes can become personal trainers and be successful at it.

    No wonder America is the fattest country on Earth.We’re a bunch of lazy asses that need a bunch work out fiends to plan our work out regimen.Exercising is not that hard that you need to hire somebody to help you do it.There are many easy workouts you can do at home, plus Youtube has many men that show you easy at home exercises.Hell, go jog around the block or neighborhood.

    This country… SMH… I swear I’m moving to Japan.

  2. Aw Sir Styles, he started out as a model almost a decade ago, like many others before him he must have fell on some hard times, I have a couple of videos of him posing nude working out and in the shower. The videos have no sexual content, no solo action, just him posing nude working out and in the shower. I actually thought you were going to post these lol.I guess when the modeling career doesnt work out, the next thing is to become a health coach and convince others you can look like them, with a magic potion and few reps in the gym. I can see this still being very lucrative in Cali where there are still many people who are image conscious and gullible to any new thing or any cute face coming at them.

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