1. Zen Buddha

    Nah, that show doesn’t interest me.Neither does Being Mary Jane, Scandal, nor Sex & the City.They all seem like they’re the same show.Woman and/or her friend’s, lives all revolve around their struggles and triumphs with the almighty penis.

    I must say, Idris looks good in that pic… and fit.I love when you subtly see a man’s fit body through his clothes.Subtly… I don’t like when dude’s wear clothes that are obviously showing off their body.Give us something to think about later and stop being so desperate.Buy a shirt that fits.Stop wearing your little brother’s clothes.

    I like a little teasing every now and then.

      • Zen Buddha

        I really wish someone would.Noah’s Arc was close.Then we had Tariq and Kaldrick in LA Complex.I don’t like how those TV shows portray straight men going gay at the drop of hat either.They need to stop getting these young gays hopes up.

        They need to make a show like the L Word.Minus the White gays.No offense but White people as a whole are boring.I tried watching the L word but all I could think was “this show would be so much better if the lesbians were Black.”

        There are a few Youtube series like Drama Queenz.I tried watching Queer As Folk but again “White gays.”

        I’m appalled at the channels aimed at my communities.BET is shitty as hell and Logo is utter tripe.

  2. mikey kun

    Yeah I’m liking the 3 Rd season a lot better season 2 was all over the place. I’m going to miss seeing Marnier’s cute ass boyfriend but he left the show over creative differences with his character.

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