after that phone call i received earlier…
today has been a real chill day for me.
i think the only thing i did was get up,
take a shower,
and then climb back in bed to binge watch my shows.
pretty little liars being the first.
so as i was getting into it,
contemplating taking a nap,
i got a call from a familiar number.
it was mr. big wolf,
star fox’s “x”.
he rarely ever calls me.
he usually sends a text.
i knew this had to be serious…
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Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.57.13 AMso before i start,
i just have to say that i like sophia on “orange is the new black”.
i believe that is who laverne cox,
the actress who plays sophia,
really is.
well laverne,
as you should know,
is transgender.
she appeared on “cbs this morning” and had to correct oprah’s bestie,
gayle king,
about how felt she was born real quick.
this is what was said…

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tumblr_mgllwuIvs31r251tno1_500i’m always fantasizing what it would be like to have a lot of money.
i actually think about it everyday.
who would i be smashin’?
what would i buy?
where would i go?
when would i get up in the morning?
why would i even think of turning down?
i believe it so i see it.
well one of the male vps at my job has that kind of life.
he is an older snow wolf who is the definition of money.
he has the crib,
and the vixens.
oh does he he have the vixens…
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stephenasmithso will ignorant views on it.
ain’t that right,
so can i be honest?

i haven’t really been following the stephen a smith story.
don’t judge me.
well i heard about his idiot remarks about domestic violence:

there are vixens out here getting their ass beat because they put too much salt in the rice.
cut it out.
i banished him for that point on.
anyway as much as i love stephen’s usually honest commentary on “first take”,
he went way too far towards “doofus” with his latest comments.
he ended up getting suspended for a week and won’t return until next week wednesday.
you know the crazy thing about domestic violence is…
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old-letterswhen you meet someone that’s interested in you,
the first couple weeks of getting to know them are usually amazing.
well this is if you didn’t pull ya drawz down on the first meeting.
so when i met ( x “him” ) couple weeks ago,
it was heaven sent.
well in the end,
i didn’t get the wolf.
we were supposed to meet,
but the situation didn’t pan out as expected.
i was okay with it and moved on.
he just wasn’t the one for me.
well he wasn’t for his boyfriend as well.
yeah i didn’t see that coming either…
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originali’m not a fan of “the mixxy wolf”.
nah not really.
now don’t get me wrong,
i love a wolf who likes to go out.
i also love an introverted wolf too.
nothing better than seeing ya wolf get dressed and turn his swagg on heavy.
what i don’t like is a wolf who can’t sit his ass down.
like he got jumpin beans in his drawz.
he has to be everywhere.
the muthafucka would put on his best outfit to watch grass grow.
is it just me?…
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