1. Sam Spade

    He definitely is a cutie. However, I get so tired of black men getting into trouble with the law and blaming it on the white man. Now don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that the justice system and the media is often unfair towards black men, but at the end of the day, YOU have to take responsibility for YOUR actions. I’ve always believed that if you are smart enough to come up with an excuse for your behavior, you are smart enough to do the right thing. He made a mistake, got caught, now he just needs to own up to it and move on.

    • ^i agree sam.
      justin’s new image is reminding me of when gwen stefani was using those harijuku girls.
      something about this whole “me and my black homies” seems fradulant.

  2. The Man

    Beibs is smashing the dude, I said it. You know women take the fall for their man, that’s what Za did for Justin. He gone have a wet ass and pockets full of cash.

    Lil Za is cute, he got that clear skin. Bet that face is soft lol

  3. Zen Buddha

    Wow, he’s a cutie.It’s fine to experiment.Both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake experimented with R&B and Hip-Hop but Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber went straight gutter hood on everybody.That’s the problem with semi-child stars.They hit 18 and because it’s their money, they go crazy.Non-stop partying and drugs.When it’s rich kid who inherits money, the parents have some control over their behavior.

    Lil Za needs to just come to my bedroom and lay down.The only raiding that will be going on is me in them drawz.

  4. Lindo

    It no secret that Justin Bieber loves big black cocks. I mean come on he is a little boy from a small white town up in Canada and probably heard from white Canadians talk about black men in bed same as Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Usher show him a few tricks in bed and probably made Justin obsessed with black men. He make me sick.

  5. tajan

    Damn I got to go with the consensus this ninja is cute. I already know that pipe is lethal, most dudes who look like this be carrying loaded weapons in their pants. JB probably just like to look and play with it, so his Black play thing aint going nowhere. Stay strong Lil Za its a conspiracy by the man to get you, call Obama (side-eye)

  6. Truth

    Lil Za is in love with this White boy who obviously is just tricking him for the time being…..Justin is coming off like a Hollywood predator who use his power, money, and fame to manipulate underlings. How did Bieber even befriend these dudes? have anyone ever wondered that??? Lil Za can’t be the man so he’s settled for being around the man. This looks like a DL relationship lol his ass is going to end up getting did like Diddy did Shyne lol.

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