1. Missy

    I was just talking about how he reminds me of the pastor’s son at my church. I don’t know what’s up with the kids of pastors but they always go ratchet and fast. J Drew better watch his naive ass in Hollywood. They will take advantage of him FAST.

  2. over it

    JDS is one sexy thick piece of meat. He got cakes for days. I think he’s just going though his rebellious stage and trying to find out who he is as a man.

  3. Ocean

    It’s always that one faggie that has to act like he is above and beyond shit. I never heard of this dude up until this entry and he cute as fuck, Nice lips, I’d bang. Pastor kids are always a good time and they always have the best drugs.

  4. The Man

    He’s bad as fuck.

    Deelishis needs to sit her old ass down, she is in the same boat with Brooke Bailey.

  5. Tee Money

    he’s a cutie, but not smashable for another 5-6 years. He still has that teenage mentality of thinking he knows everything.

  6. Hampton Jit

    I watched the show and I have to agree with once of the comments, he has a teenage mentality not to mentioned spoiled. He probably wouldn’t even know how to hit your spot correct. Cute but needs maturity. Hell find it chasing these pipe dreams. It was really sad to watch my favorite gospel singer on a show like this I have to add. Reality shows take away the mystery and make you see how common these people are.

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