1. Run

    Team Terrence for sure, Derek is a little to thirsty for my taste and doesn’t have his head on all the way

  2. The Man

    Team McKinley Freeman. His character, Derek, is too much for me, so that’s why I rather have who he is off camera lol.

    I haven’t been watching the show, but I just caught up and watched all four episodes. It was interesting watching Derek snort coke. He has the fabulous life in anyone’s eyes. The fame, the ball skills, the women, and he still has to resort to drugs. The sad thing is many athletes are like that. It seems all good in the light, but most of them are fucked up when the doors are shut and the curtains are closed. That’s why I don’t want one, fuck that lol. That fast life is not appealing as many people believe.

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