remember them?

Day26_1i bought both their albums.
if i knew they would break up,
i woulda copped those joints for free.
i won’t even lie,
their music was really good.
one member always stood out so i had to ask…

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 1.09.03 PM


lowkey: he is married,
but imagine waking up to this wolf every day?
i would probably use his sperm as face cream every morning.
he is on the kelly rowland remix for “kisses down low”.

…you like?

14 thoughts on “LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: (89)

    • I know his wife is happy with that chunk of wood. I imagine he be hittin them corners and doin hydraulics on her ass, making her speak languages she didn’t even know she could speak.

      s/n: Omg @ your name change lmao I love it.

      • ^thank you frosty!

        LOL @ hydraulics in her pussy.
        i bet she stares at him while he is sleep.
        this is why I say I always want to be attracted to my man.
        i can’t be with someone i don’t want to rip off his clothes every time we are together.

      • You’re welcome, Woodson! <3

        RIGHT? She's staring at him like that chick on Paranormal Activity stared at her dude all night. He looks like like he smells like cocoa butter and Old spice.

        & I totally agree with you on always wanting to be attracted to your man. That was the downfall of my last r/s.

  1. Hell yea. He can bring his boy Que along too.

    “I would probably use his sperm as face cream every morning” Really? What happens when it dries Jamari? HA! :P

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