1. Chase

    A.The first one/mulatto, of course.They automatically beat all of them.Especially when you have them going against black dudes.Put 2 mixed dudes next time or at least a Spanish dude.But then again, the Spanish ones beat out black dudes automatically too.Don’t act like I’m lying either, yaw know it’s true.Yaw feel the same way I do.I see the way yaw speak about em.Yaw know the deal.That’s just how it is and always will be.Next time though put a Mulatto and a Spanish dude so it’ll be a hard pick between which one we want.

    • Although there’s a slight chance you’re using sarcasm to bring light to a pervasive issue, as a dark skinned man, I’m still obligated to tell you (and those who think like you) to go sit on a broom handle.

  2. Old Head

    Have to say I’m with The Man on this one, again; it’s G. Amazing how we almost always like the same dude. Also find it interesting that G and C are sexier in their clothes than the others without clothes.

    • The Man

      Yeah, I like his eyes and lips. I want to see him wearing tighter clothes cause has the figure for it. Shit, I want to see him wearing nothing to be honest lol.

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