1. well nik from the dirty just revealed some info that… welll………:


    THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the internet is buzzing that NFL star Kerry Rhodes is gay. TMZ says he is not gay, but Media Take Out is implying that he is gay. Well since everyone in Scottsdale knows that Kerry Rhodes is in a serious relationship with Jill Turpin (formerly Jaden Solo of TheDirty staff) for about 4 months I would say. This proves that he is not gay. Nik, Kerry Rhodes girlfriend was your assistant at one point. Can you please confirm this information for the world. I hate when people try to dog my Arizona Cardinals.

    Yeah, I can confirm that Kerry Rhodes is Jill Turpin’s boyfriend. But everyone in Scottsdale also knows that Kerry Rhodes is bisexual.- nik



    she is a sexy snow bunny.
    too bad i’m coming for her spot.

    • The Man

      I want to believe Kerry, but it was chemistry in that pic with him and ol dude. Kerry can’t deny that, they looked like a couple. It is what it is I guess.

      If he smashing him I’m tryin to watch tho. Who’s with me?

      Could you imagine him smashin his little ass.

  2. Run

    If he’s gay big deal! I don’t see why everyone’s makings big deal. Gay men everywhere should be excited however most of them channel their inner queen and bash and shade him. If he say he isn’t gay then let him rock. I feel bad he felt the need to even adress it becaus you have the mainstream media questioning him and gay men shading him. I don’t get why some of us have to be so bitter and mean. Let Kerry rock. Why bash him? That shit just got me tight. It’s his buisness no one else’s.

  3. Jrock

    Kerry is sexy and fine as hell! I hope he gets a team real soon so I can see those cheeks fill out those uniform pants!

  4. Davon

    BAHAHAHAAAA bullshit, you all know the “assistant” is the HIM. He’s not gay, sure. He’s bi-bi curious, Dl etc so many umbrellas to fall into and still FUCK boys… NEXT

  5. Ycolette

    Kerry should have never spoken to TMZ now this story is on Gawker,British paper Daily Mail,gossip sites,gay sites ,sport sites,etc.Before he spoke to TMZ this story was not even on Google News.Now if you google his name the first thing that pops up is a dozen stories about this. Yesterday when I googled his name stories about him meeting with the Bengals came up first.

    • ^he should have kept quiet.
      don’t give them a reason to dig any further.
      on the good side,
      this is the most press he has received in a while.
      the attention is on him and he plays it well,
      he can get past this.

  6. The fact he even responded to it just made it worse. Now those who haven’t seen the pictures will be curious. Lol

    The fact he claimed that was his assistant makes it look even worse. Clearly that was not a professional relationship.

      • Ycolette

        It’s funny when someone said that was his nephew I thought about scene in a movie called Pretty Woman when Richard Gere character told hotel staff that Julia Roberts was his niece. I saw a pic of a nephew on KR instagram,that nephew is about six years old.BTW I commend him for stating he is supportive of Gay athletes coming out.

      • Ycolette

        So on April 10 the guy was his nephew and the pictures came from his sisters husband’s daughter’s page.On April 12 the guy is his sister’s husband’s brother.Yet Kerry describes him as a former assistant rather than my sister’s nephew or brother in law or family member. SMH


    HE IS BISEXUAL no DOUBT and many people will wonder what or how he is able to avoid admitting to it, but im sure there is someone out there who has him admitting to at least fantasizing about another dude. He used to be fine to me, but now he looks METRO SEXUAL..which is a turn off for me. I thought he was kinda THUGGISH at first, but clearly his choice of dress shows he is more like NEYO, lol…I also have to say this, take a look at how he answered what he wanted in a lady…He was kinda choppy with the answers kinda uniform which is a clear indication from someone with Gaydar can pick up when a man is not only thinking about a woman when being asked that question. He is also thinking about a dude and actually would have been more comfortable if the woman had asked him What does he look for in a dude. Also this Jill Turpin GAL must be into guys who have a thing for other guys. Hell she is probably bisexual herself, lol

  8. I have stated about 5% of the leagues of professional players are gay, bi or dl. We need to except it and move on why keep going on about this. Stop hating just because you are not the one they will lay with!!

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