Kandi’s Talking Got Ya’ll Caught Out There

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.03.51 PMsince chuck is talking,
kandi is also returning the favor.
don juan has a game for you guys!
can you guess the song?
i gave you enough clues!
okay fine.
check below for the answer
Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.07.14 PM

nicholascagelaughingreallyhard-1po’ chuck.
she had his shit low key out there since 2002.
well on good news,
tlc is having the best couple of months ever.
that was a goodfinal record of theirs.
again: po’ chuck.
every vixen he ever smashed is talkin’ reckless about his little friend.
let this be a lesson to everyone who is a dickhead.

lowley: chuck you can dispute these allegations with a selfie…

go to kandi: twitter

go to chuck: twitter

the initial question instagram: donjuannc


  1. Zen Buddha said:

    Let this be a lesson to everyone who thinks guys with little dicks don’t get any action.

    Also, I didn’t like that TLC song.

    January 6, 2014
  2. JajR said:

    That’s what happens when you start talking reckless about people.

    January 6, 2014
  3. The Man said:

    LMAO..Second time hearing that song. Not only was it small, but he didn’t put in work either lol.

    January 6, 2014
  4. third said:

    Back in the day “big” Chuck Smith couldn’t even look down and see it.

    January 6, 2014
    • The Man said:

      Damn how small is it?

      January 6, 2014
  5. tajan said:

    Damn he is gone learn about dissing females in the age of social media.

    January 6, 2014
  6. FreshPrinceFox said:

    Lmao What I tell you though Jamari? I knew it!!! This post cracks me up.

    January 7, 2014
  7. FreshPrinceFox said:

    SN: I’ve Never laughed so Hard at Nicholas Cage before.

    January 7, 2014

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