These Pineapples Never Cease To Amaze Me

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.09.51 PMi saw this on tumblr just now and had to shake my head.
how disgusting is this?
these pineapples nowadays are just…
i can understand people having a particular preference,
but when it turns into ignorance,
it’s really quite sad.
i’ve yet to see a snow wolf diss a snow bunny without
blue eyes or blonde hair
that should tell you something.
hate to bust bubbles tho but to a majority of the whites,
we all one beautiful shade of “nigger”.
doesn’t matter if you’re light skin,
date snow bunnies,
or graduated with a 4.0 gpa.
am i right or am i wrong?

lowkey: is dark skin really that bad?
i know some fly dark skin sistas who put light skin chicks to shame.
i must be the only one who actually likes a dark skin wolf too.

found: kobe tyrant

Gay People Don’t Get Buried Since They’re Going To Hell

tumblr_mb9yd7HQ6H1qll5dxo1_500so how would you feel if you couldn’t get buried becaaauuussseeeee…
….you like to smash the same sex?
you didn’t kill anyone.
you didn’t rape a kid.
hell you didn’t jaywalk.
your funeral would be cancelled because of the life you live.
well an vix-bi sent me an update and well…

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Lil Mo Husband Has An Alleged Fetish His Side Hoe Didn’t Like?

1335919798_IMG_3126the joy of meeting a new wolf.
one who happens to be a baller wolf.
well one after you left your old one because of alleged cheating.
after you and him had a threesome
and he was allegedly getting close to the third party…
just had to put that out there.
so lil’ mo,
singer and cast member of “r&b divas: la”,
started dating a boxer wolf by the name of karl dargan.
they are also planning on getting married.
so soon?
well she might have to rethink it after this.
so an f-bi sent me a story of karl getting blasted by a female jackal.
she blasted him,
and get because why…
she didn’t like an alleged fetish he wanted her to try…
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He Wants To Murder (Your Bootyhole) Off Grindr

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 1.54.55 PMimagine if ^that unlocked his pictures on jack’d?
what about grindr?
i don’t know about you,
but “ratchet jamari” would have already made up his mind.
“we getting the pipe tonight!”.
and i ain’t had none in a while too?
i’d be looking forward for that to lay on top of me.
well thats the problem with that “look”.
some of them could be jackals in wolf fur aka “the killer”.
well i won’t lie and say i wouldn’t be up for the pipe laying myself,
but after a vix-bi sent me this…
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Being Black While Eating Dirt Off The Floor In Louis Vuitton

tumblr_inline_mozo6uxaEI1qz4rgpwell hot damn hoe,
here we go again…
so who here has something from louis vuitton?
okay let me rephrase that question..
who here has something from the actual louie v store?
like you can take it back to get repaired for free and they won’t look at you crazy?
oh ok cool.
well i wanted to get a wallet from louis vuitton,
when i got the money that is,
but it seems they don’t particularly and allegedly care for blacks.
well not with this new alleged lawsuit
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Drunk In Gay (Someone Take Me Home)

drunkinlovedon’t you love when the straights start telling you what they “won’t” do?
especially when it comes to gayness?
so rick perry,
texas re-pub governor who is running for 2016 election,
has some things to say about being gay.
so he says may have the genetic coding to fuck a man,
BUT it’s choice not to get drunk off the feeling.
so you won’t see rick with a bottle of “booty bang” anytime soon…
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Justin Bieber Turns To God For His “Maybe, He Dunno” Racist Sins

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.58.37 PMallegedly.
so this is what justin bieber put up on instagram tonight.

oh now he wants god,
he should ‘”have wanted” to give the money to the jackal who was blackmailing him.
the one who threatened to leak the footage.
oh well.
i doubt he will be going anywhere anytime soon.
he apparently helped our “culture” in a big way,

lowkey: …and if you think usher will give up his cash cow,
you gotta be out cha mind.
peep all the recent pictures of him and ush on instagram.

picture taken from his: instagram