1. i haven’t heard the album yet i’m going to check it out but judging by what you said there was 6 tracks you liked out of it so i’ll listen to it now if you had only mentioned one or two i would have declined…however Her first album, to me was her best album love game is still my ish but Born this way was just okay to me although i loved edge of glory and that other song You and I but overall she has changed dramatically

  2. Personally I love the new album. Some of the songs are kinda out there but Lady Gaga has always been out there to me so it doesn’t surprise me.

    Most people won’t get it this time around. It’s like an acquired dish!

    My favorite tracks:
    Sexx Dreams
    Do What You Want

  3. At first I was a little nervous when I heard the snippets .. I was already luvin Applause and Do what You Want .. When I first heard Venus I was a little skeptical. . But after playing it in the car real loud .. I have learned to luv it .. I mess with Donetello.. but my shit is Manicure ..

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