1. Zen Buddha

    First thought:I wish me and the guy in the blue jeans under Lust could run away and live together forever.The look on his face is saying “come with me and leave everything else behind.”

    Second thought:I don’t think we’re ready for openly gay players.I think they’re trying to force it and it’s not happening.It’s too much too soon.I know we live in a new time where gays are accepted but in such a macho masculine sport that has replaced Baseball as America’s Past-time.I don’t see it happening.They should stop trying to force it.We know there are gay players.Just let them be and stop trying to make them role models.A player shouldn’t announce that he’s gay.He should post pics of him and his boyfriend without saying a word.ESPN would blow it up.

    • ^good opinion zen!

      ill say it once and il say it again.
      these people are only coming out for a pay check.
      they saw careers don’t really get enhanced by the few people who came out.
      it seems to bring about more good than bad so they said either pay me more or im back in the closet.

      • Zen Buddha

        I agree, to me it seems they just want the next big story/headlines the same way Magic Johnson and AIDS were in the 90′s.I could really tell they were in it for the pay check when it said that the players would announce they’re gay when they’re signed.They’re basically saying “LOOK AT US, WE HAVE A GAY PLAYER ON THE TEAM AND WE TREAT HIM LIKE ANY OTHER PLAYER, AREN’T WE SO PROGRESSIVE…. ALRIGHT GAYS, SUPPORT US BY BUYING OUR MERCHANDISE.”

        They’re using the players orientation to sell jerseys.I don’t like it one bit.That’s why I think a player should come out by posting pics with his boyfriend out of the blue.There’s no need to announce anything.Are you going to announce your life story, telling every detail down to the last person you had sex with and what positions you were in.Is there really a need for a public coming out of the closet.Do other players have to announce they’re straight.They can be gay on the social media sites by posting pics of men they like or commenting on men they like.But if your hiding it and then feel the need to get on a mic in front of reporters and announce it then you’re not being honest.It isn’t for you to get it off your chest because coming out isn’t needed or called for.We don’t wear a big G on our foreheads so everyone can know we’re gay.That’s how I know this isn’t for the greater good.Just be yourself on twitter and instagram.Post a pic of you and bf kissing or hugging.Don’t be DL and then all of sudden out and proud.

  2. perfectingMeB

    Can you post Brendon? Me loves him, Jamari. Me loves him. Lol so much to say on this topic. America isn’t ready yet but we have to force them to get comfortable. Gays are masculine too. Now breathe and keep going.

  3. Is it really that serious though?

    What’s with the obsession with gay football players?

    I doubt the people that care so much about it even follow football

    • The Man

      Well I care, and I been watching football for 8 years, and I played flag football in the 6th grade myself, I actually forgot about that lol.

      I want to see the response from around the league from it. I’m also wondering who the athlete would be? Will he be a success, will he be fine lol, and most importantly will he be accepted by his teammates.

    • third

      you hit the nail on the head. the people talking about it have little to zero knowledge of football.

      the real football fan could care less it’s about his contribution to the team.

      that’s why the Kordell Stewart mess is of no interest to SI,PFT,ESPN or mainstream sports sites.

  4. omg007

    I did catch the hint of Carrie in that article. I also caught a lot of Johnathan Martin in it.

    The NFL wants a gay player but the fans don’t. Like they said if a high profiled college player is openly gay and everybody is use to it then it won’t even matter

    • cappycorn

      I agree with that they are forcing the issue because most who watch don’t care.

      I believe one of the players is Kerry Rhodes obviously because he was not really hiding it like he doing now.

      I wonder who the other ones are

      Who you think the others could possibly be?

    • third

      Actually the player(s) in question are high profile and secure in their positions with their teams and no danger of losing their starting jobs. Neither is a favorite of the gossip blogs. Neither have baby mommas drama.

      The entire process was derailed by the showboating with a former player and activists wanting 15 minutes of fame who had no first hand knowledge of either.

  5. Butter

    “several hundred”? i wonder if they included “bi” in that. Excluding “bi” from the question/figures is often used to deflect

  6. third

    The “young kats” reading the blog need to take the time to find and read the E Lynn Harris trilogy’s and get the in site on how the DL player works in the NFL and NBA and fly under the radar.

  7. I have always said that there are gay players, but they keep the situation hidden. It is such an issue that no one should have to look over their shoulders for being human and loving the same sex.

  8. AtlAnonymous

    As much as I think it will be a good thing for a gay player to come out, for the sport, and for peoples perception of gays in society, it really doesn’t sit well with me how the gay community is practically forcing this issue. It even seems like they’re putting A LOT of pressure on the NFL too… to identify a gay player…so they can start the media circus.

    The “coming out” is becoming too staged…..too rehearsed……too sensationalized. I feel like they’re gonna out someone, or force him out, when he’s not entirely ready. Slow down. It should be organic.

    To prepare, the NFL needs to preemptively provide their coaches and players with the proper media training, and diversity education. The gay activists (Ayanbedejo, Kluiwe, Davis, etc) should prepare as well. Then they all should sit back and STFU until a player feels like he’s ready.

    Stop forcing it. We exist everywhere, this is true. It’ll only be a matter of time.

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