1. mikey kun

    Yeah being the side isn’t for me either, I want ALL of my man not just the private moments but the public ones too.

  2. Dean

    You got that right, Jamari, about the typical plot line:

    boy meets girl
    she gives him a hard time
    he chases her
    during this process they all in love
    something happens like he cheated on her
    they separate
    she meets someone else
    he tries to win her back by killing a dragon or some shit
    she realizes killing a dragon takes effort so she takes him back
    all is right in the world

    Maybe you can write the next romantic comedy starting ____________ and ___________ with _________ and _____________ as best friends and/or comedy filler. If you can write it and get it produced, you can make big bucks in movies/TV.

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