foXXX: Stripper Bolo Gets Some Knowledge On Stage

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 3.40.38 PMdamn bolo made worldstarhiphop today.
one of the f-bi immediately hit me up with the video.
this is kinda NSFW and sorta 18^

x click here to see bolo getting dome on stage

ol vixen had to slowly creep it into her mouth.

either way…

tumblr_mtwl72Au3S1si245xo1_250 tumblr_mtwl72Au3S1si245xo4_250enjoy.


  1. I bet his dick felt good in her mouth and maybe tasted delicious too. Not for nothing, but Black wolves’ dicks feel very interesting when you put it in the mouth idk it could be the texture, but i do know it feel right.

  2. There are many men out here and then there is BOLO, in a class all on his own. One of the most perfect men I have ever seen in life, if I had body and dick like that I would probably strip as well. Man I saw this on Worldstar and didnt recognize him though, I said it look like him but wasnt for sure, he looks different in the clip but I should have recognized that elephant trunk lol. That sex tape would be epic.

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