foXXX: This Is How Snow Bunnies Get Caught Up on Black Wolves

tumblr_lh08s5zQ531qzk918o1_500its no secret that black wolves like to play in the snow sometimes.
even if it’s a secret.
since snow bunnies are trying to be “mainstream ratchet”,
twerking their backs off and shit,
they end up wanting to experience the forbidden “bbc”.
 can they handle a real “bbc” tho?
well see for yourself…
(oh and this is nsfw and 18^)


lowkey: is it my imagination…
…or was he fine?


  1. Yes, he’s fine. Skin, lips, dick, everything on point. Sometimes I hate watching straight porn because it reminds me how good women got it. Lucky bitches.

  2. You know I am starting to really careless about black wolves dating snow bunnies or foxes anymore. The video was cute for what it is, but it was a turn off to me.

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