1. please floyd have a seat, and maybe it’s me but i’m not impressed by labels and big names…i could care less about items that cost thousands of dollars that were made for less than $50 dollars in sweatshops…i wish i would spend my coins on designers who don’t even like black people…smh black celebs are so foolish and this is why most black athletes go broke within a few years

    • 100% Agreed.

      And he has the nerve to bring God into it. I wonder what would God say about his constant beatings of his baby mommas and exes.

      I spoke to God last night and I asked: “Is there a problem with how this lavish King beats the mothers of his children?” and God said:”NO them hoes was asking for it.”

  2. This is one messy ass cunt, if he wasnt boxing, he would be a stunt queen. Only Dwight from R.H.O.A is more over the top than this dude. I guess you need all these extra’s when you have shortcomings in other departments to impress the girls. #allbreadannomeat

  3. Words from my favorite Instagram superstar: “He nasty…but he got money doe!” Followed by…”He’s not worried about his income tax!”

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