1. I Eat Cookies

    First time leaving commentary and a undercover fan! I love the roach reference because it is spot on. How do fems find out someone’s business who isn’t messy themselves? The person who wrote the letter needs to ask himself why he was so sloppy? Why was he hanging with fems in the first place? No one just attacks another person for no reason unless he crazy. This all seems vague and my guess is there is more to this story.

  2. Zen Buddha

    I say, cut off all contact and communication with them.If you see them when you’re out in public, turn the other way.If they say Hi, pretend you didn’t hear them.Just pretend the fems in question no longer exist.

  3. The Man

    How did fems find out about your business man? You all have to quit telling your friends shit, that is the problem. In this lifestyle you have to do everything Beyonce style. Every damn thing has to be a secret and no one can know. I rarely tell my friends anything. Gay men are messy.

    The reader has to fill us in more for us to give appropriate advice. We need to know how they found out about your business?

  4. Sam Spade

    I sign off on everything said so far. Some people just thrive off of creating drama in other peoples lives. Like The Man said, you gotta keep all your business on lock if you want any type of privacy. In other words, trust no one!

  5. Supernovakidd

    WHOOP DAT ASS!!!!!!…..the one thing I don’t tolerate is disrespect from NO ONE ..if they wanna be messy give a sloppy messy ass ass whoopin …they’ll learn then

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