1. Lindo

    I get real hairy real fast, but I am obsessed being smooth. And I like my men smooth as well. But beware of the hair between the ass cheeks because sometime you will find dingleberry or w/e attach to the butt hair. And some pubic hair have odor.

  2. The Man

    Look at those legs boi lol.

    Personally I don’t care about hair. As a Wolf, I do not really care about hair I find it to be sexy.

  3. mikey kun

    For me because I have a twinkish body (I’m going to work on fixing that in the new year) and I have really hairy legs. So hair on my skinny legs just doesn’t look right. I do want to get my ass and hair down there waxed soon

    • Zen Buddha

      Do you have somebody else wax it?I ask because I don’t know how anyone can shave their own ass and taint.It’s super sensitive and hard to do because of where it is positioned.

      I hate being hairy.I wish I was lightly hairy.

  4. Tyson

    I swear I was just thinking about this yesterday! lol
    I have hairy legs, but that’s pretty much the only place I’m hairy. I don’t shave my legs (even though I thought about it and females seem to like it when a guy does it). I didn’t start getting hair on my legs until high school. So for the longest, people thought I shaved my legs. As far as pubic hair, I thought about shaving it, but I’m scared that I’ll cut myself. lol. I use an electric trimmer to trim it though.

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