1. tajan

    Hey Foxhole, as I stated in a earlier post about All-Star in Houston, you might as well save your money on all these all star parties they are hot crowded and all your country sweaty neck cousins are going to ensure that they are ghetto and ratchet, the drinks will be watered down and overpriced and you will only be able to glance at your favorite celebs from afar and they will only make appearances, they dont party with common folks, the real parties are all private and happen in top hotel suites, both str8 and downlow. If you want to catch a baller attention, be fresh and hang out in upscale hotel lobbies at the bar, and have a fine pretty vixen with you to catch their eyes. If you are going to the Galleria mall in Houston, I suggest you get their early in the morning before the mall opens and be ready to stay their all day long because it will be absolutely no parking and traffic will be a nightmare. Papadeuxs Seafood Kitchen on Westheimer St down the street from the Galleria mall is the place to be seen and to see. Houston naturally has some fine foxes, wolves, hyena pretty much whatever you want thanks to it be so close to Louisiana, if you like light skinned creole types you will hit the jackpot in Houston (lol) Their are so many girls who are just as pretty as Beyonce as well if that is your thing. Houston is generally a fun place to party, but please be safe as it is huge and if you dont know your way around you can become a easy target, and for godsake if you are not used to driving in crazy traffic like LA, please just get a taxi or have someone who knows their way around drive you, because they have the worst drivers and traffic in the US.

    P/S for all that desire such a thing, check BGC, they are having a ton of downlow sex parties that weekend.

    • ^excellent!!!!!!!

      i would only go for the fun of it.
      i would need VIP,
      and invites to the “real” parties.
      i wouldn’t want to hang around the riff raff too long.
      if you mingle enough,
      and have that kind of “look” or “personality” that allows people to talk,
      you can find out where the real celeb functions are at.

      that BGC advice was golden.

      now y’all…
      don’t run back on here to post who was at the DL events.
      your foxhole past will be revoked.

  2. Well damn.

    Information overload. Like walking into a ratchet Target.

    Tajan is right though, hotel lobbies and bars are your best bets.

    Just don’t fuck no one during this event, try not to. Don’t want a gift you cannot return around May.

      • My dickhole was itching just reading off all those names.

        Think of all the DNA and other bodily fluids that will pass during the week!

        Goodness gracious.

        Either it’s gonna be an epic gangbang or an Illuminati ritual, there’s a diference, either way it’s gonna be way too many ballers and ratchets close together.

  3. Old Head

    tajan really nailed it. Avoid the crowds. If you’re traveling with buddies, establish some ground rules: give each other space, if you truly want to meet someone. And, another bit of advice: don’t appear starstruck. Trust me, people will be tripping over themselves to get close to celebs, and that’s a major turnoff. Allow them to make eye contact with you. Even if you’re plotting, make the notice/encounter seem “by chance.” Those of us in the public eye realize we are always being watched, hounded even. We are on major guard during times like this, those who are not undisciplined. And, we know lots of folk will want to run off at the mouth. Nowadays, with all these camera phones, people are particularly cautious, with the exception of the stupid ones. So, just make sure you are together and be cool. Oh, make sure you get in some good workouts before going and and take some gym clothes — the better hotels have nice gyms — and catch up on your sleep; you will need to be well rested and alert. Have fun and remember, if you’re really interested in something more than a fling and/or a near miss, but the real thing, loose lips sink ships. Discretion will take you places.

  4. Yes. Getting my hair done and calling my papo to sponsor my trip there on a weekend i probably after classes. MAYBE one of these ballers will just be worth it. And those bitches too are getting their fat asses down

  5. I’m glad I’m working all weekend because EVERYONE is going to be out trying to get chose.

    You’re not even going to be able to get into the Galleria because everyone will be there trying to stunt and stake out for celebrities.

    No thanks.

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