1. Zen Buddha

    You’re right.No one wants to see his pipe.Gross.They all wanna take this “I’m a bad boy/girl who does drugs” route.

  2. Lindo

    I am not surprised if this part of a revenge for Lil Za because Justin wouldn’t bail him out, so one of those guys in the group is leaking all this informations about this asshole.

  3. underneathestarz

    Im not sure how much i can believe some of this. How would Selena Gomez comment on the Za case if that happened AFTER these alleged texts. Some of it seems real but some of it is obviouslyfabricated. Furthermore, where r the alleged dick pics? I need some further investigation. Lol

    • AJ2FLY

      I am of the exact same thought. It’s all just a lil TOO convenient and fabricated for me. Besides, being a celebrity and knowing how far the media will go to get something like this I dont see him being dumb enough to actually send it. Kinda like it was faked but ppl will believe it b/c him and CB are the celebrities ppl love to hate right about now.

      • Yeah its almost impossible to find civil discourse on the internets concerning the topic of the perennial fuck up known as Justin Bieber. Thing is, I never disliked him from the get go and not gonna lie, I actually like some of his music. I also think he is cute. But this will get you READ if u openly admit this in the presence of the wrong person lol

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