1. The Man

    I actually like it.

    S/N: Drake has looked very different in the face as of late. Yeah, he has been keeping his hair cut and his face shaved, but there is something else up with his face, and I know what it is. Have you noticed how different his eyes look nowadays? Drake has been wearing colored contacts and has been for years, and he has not been wearing them lately. Some of y’all prob. knew, but I’m sure some didn’t. Google it, and look at his pics to see the difference. I’m proud of him because it means he’s not as insecure as he used to be about his looks.

      • The Man

        He does and he has some pretty eyes. He wore them to make himself more attractive probably, but it didn’t work because they weren’t for him. Keep them out drake.

      • The Man

        I also read that was the reason why Dolica broke up with him, and I don’t blame her. Grown ass men wearing contacts. That shit ain’t cute. People on instagram telling dudes they have pretty eyes. I’m like WTF? They are not real. It doesn’t count if they not yours, period.

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