trend forecasting
creative development
problem solving
detail oriented
entrepreneurial spirit


engaged in multiple areas of the entertainment and fashion industry.
as a creative individual,
it is important for me to acquire a career that will allow creative freedom,
career development,
as well as company growth and revenue.


from the time i was a kid,
i was always creative with a wild imagination.
i have always expressed myself through various platforms,
like art or even playing with my toys,
but writing has always been the main one.
i needed a place to express myself and talk about my struggles.
even just to post things that i found interesting.
well i launched this blog,
“inside jamari fox” ,
in may of 2009.
since that launch,
i have:

  • built a safe haven for many d/l and discreet men
  • engaged my readers in full discussion on many topics
  • committed to only bringing quality content
  • ranked high within google and other search engines
  • restructured and upgraded the way many men have thought
  • maintained solid and loyal relationships with many of my readers
  • updated constantly with various stories for post
  • featured stories i have written on many other popular websites
  • counseled “foxmail” advice for many readers seeking advice
  • written and reviewed many products for advertisement

with a total of 5 million views and growing,
i have consistently given my amazing readers quality and informative content.
they have also helped me find myself and learn my worth as well.

as i grew with my my blog,
i worked at various administrative assistant positions in many industries.
i always go above and beyond my job duties which allowed me to climb the corporate ladder.
at my last job,
i was an assistant to a high level executive.
my duties included:

  • assisted with time sensitive projects,
    resulting in efficient and highly organized handling of all tasks
  • consulted and established a trusted relationship with many incoming clients
  • analyzing trends throughout the industry through various resources and determining target markets
  • training of new employees and direct correspondence with other executives
  • booked and set up conference rooms, arranged travel, information gathering, pulling files and trouble shooting
  • capable of handling high call and messaging volume

in between doing that,
i’ve worked a couple seasons of mercedes benz fashion week being a freelance stylist.
styling models at gq menswear designer of the year fashion show,
custo barcelona,
mik cire,
and others.
i’ve also interned doing both public relations and image consulting.
i have:

  • worked with artists on styling and promotion
  • worked closely with intricate details on clients and their careers
  • provided damage control solutions for any issues that arose
  • worked at various events with detailed check in procedures


success, love, adventure, and happiness

updated: 1/27/14

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