1. YColette

    I found your site while googling Frank and I am a stan.I think it was tacky for Riccardo to put that bed pic on IG.That’s something RiRi would do not a grown ass man respected in his field.

    • ^well I am glad you have joined the foxhole.
      your comments have been great and you keep me on my toes with stuff going on.

      i think he was trying to make kanye jealous.
      this looks like one of those moves.
      ive played this card before.

      • YColette

        You may be right all the pics were posted by Riccardo,Frank hasnt posted any of him.Did you see that dress that Riccardo/Givenchy put Kim K in looks like my grandmother’s sofa from the late 70′s

      • ^that whole outfit was hideous.




        riccardo was being shady lol
        he knew that shit was ugly.
        from what I read,
        the dress was suppose to be sleeveless.
        kim thought her arms looked fat and had a stylist alter the dress to add sleeves.
        riccardo probably was laughing his ass off everytime he looked at her.

  2. TheIndustryFox

    If this sexual chocolate night cap did happen, this is a good look for Frank. Ricardo doesn’t just fuck anyone. I like that trophy case line J. Riccardo wouldn’t be fucking the likes of 2 Chainz or Future unless it was a benefit for him.

  3. TheIndustryFox

    Frank Ocean has been moving up the ranks with his career. He is being invited to Fashion Weeks, attended the Met Ball where not nust anyone gets a ticket, and sitting with big fashion designers. Common people wouldn’t understand. This is what you strive for in the industry. Fucking small time rappers, producers, and dope boys is a thing of the past. He is in the big leagues now. Don’t be surprised if he starts separating himself from Odd Future.

      • YColette

        Attention whore? Frank hasn’t posted any pics of this guy,he hasn’t discussed his current love life.He has a good voice .He is a brilliant songwriter.But the most important thing he has the balls not to pretend to be straight unlike most Gay male artists in Rap and R&B.

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