Dez Bryant is Such A Thirst Trap

10 Responses to Dez Bryant is Such A Thirst Trap

  1. the crazy ones are always the finest, right?

  2. Yea I totally agreed! There are handsome dark skin wolves out there. Tho I do notice the dark skin one are insecure at times.

  3. Woooooo weeeee. Wassup Dez. My name is “The Man.” How can I serve you today?

  4. My boyfriend is Light skinned (idk how that happened) lol. but lord knows that i LOVE me some CHOCOLATE!!.. Whew.

  5. Yes, tall dark and handsome.

  6. the things i would do to this man…smmfh

  7. Tall dark and handsome with the ultimate package!!!!

  8. Hot sexy wild unpredictable chocolate!!!! I love this man!!!

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