1. The Man

    He raped that kid because he wanted to, it wasn’t about money. They are going to tear him a new one in jail.

  2. Y Colette

    It drives me insane that on sites including bossip they are labeling this bastard as Gay.Because he raped a boy doesn’t mean he is Gay.I was sexually abuse by male relative who also abused two male cousins.Rape is about violence and control.Rapists dont rape 70 year women or year old babies because they are simply horny.The same men who rape women on the outside often rape men in prison because its about control and degradation.End of Rant

  3. Talisha Monroe

    Mediatakeout brought me here with that Rihanna video. This is a great blog you have here. Im hooked!!!

  4. keyon

    I feel bad for saying this, but i think he’s kinda cute…. Now, HE IS DEFINITELY WRONG AND I DONT APPROVE OF RAPE, I hope they beat his ass up in that jail.. (no pun intended)

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