David Allen Will Poke Your Eye Out With That Thing!!!

Jesus on the cross!!!
it looks like a tree trunk.
well boxer wolf in the red (duh),
david allen,
has got something big going on.
that eggplant in his drawz,
for starters!!!
an f-bi sent me this video and well…

now you know i don’t do big dicks,
but whoever is taking on that monster,
i’d sit front row to see.

lowkey: that can’t be real,
…is it?
i thought this ( x foxxx ) was bad.
i said a prayer for her insides.

even when he was fuckin’ her from the back,
i was screaming.


  1. Lies ….Jamari …the dude in red shorts I’m 90 % sure are stuffed …he did this to sike his appointment out…white folk a meds

  2. Jamari please it’s so fake just like that Chris Hemsworth eggplant in vacation . Julio Gomez is something tho.

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