Chris Hatton Has Fresh Bunz For Sale

chris hatton has the snowy bunz of dreams.
one that he has teased on the gram for quite some time.
as you may have known,
that snow wolf has joined in on the “onlyfans” party.
a foxholer sent me a teaser shot on what to expect…

i bet his vixen snapped that shot too.
she seems very open to whatever he does.
chris made a smart decision to keep the cake exclusives on “onlyfans”.
there are some smart wolves out here.
unless their coming with the heat,
don’t open up “onlyfans” or “connectpal” accounts to bore us.

gonna update regularly
keep content fresh

that’s when i’m willing to pay to see more.
anything else…

check out more from chris hatton on: onlyfans


  1. Jammy said:

    LMAO. I am beyond these straight men and (women) making bank off of the Gays. Come on LGBTQ, y’all got to do better. Stop paying for this B.S. when you can go to Tumblr & find entire blogs with pictures of free Duncan Hines & Twinkies. 😬 Now for them folks with the fiya Onlyfans accounts I been hearing about on here.

    Side Note: His ass is nice tho. 😂😂

    November 29, 2017
  2. Pierre said:

    Why does his ass actually look BETTER with boxer briefs than in bare flesh? Yikes, that’s gotta be a first for me lol.

    November 29, 2017
    • JB said:

      Haha, right!

      November 30, 2017
  3. 96 King said:

    Zzzz…. Btw I heard Hayden Monteleone doesn’t even show his penis on his onlyfans LMAO! Y’all need to stop letting these attention whores get you

    November 30, 2017
    • ShoYaRight said:

      Yes and on Monday during Hayden’s IG live video, he stated that he recently found a blog/page/thread that’s like 5 pages long with subscribers complaining about his “onlyfans” content. He said he doesn’t give af and finds it hilarious. I’m thinking to myself, why don’t you understand why people are upset that they are paying for the same stuff that they can get for free on IG?

      November 30, 2017
      • Jamari Fox said:

        ^”onlyfans” should be an experience.
        it should not be pictures that are similar to their social media.
        it should be behind the scenes access into their world on a deeper sexual level.
        maybe it is them naked.
        maybe it is a sex tape.
        maybe it is them being raunchy in a classier way.

        i always say that every social media should offer something different.
        why would I sign up to see your Snapchat,
        when you do the same shit on IG stories?
        everything should be exclusive,
        but these attentionistos/nistas don’t know SHIT about exclusivity and mystique.
        that’s why they burn out and we are onto the next one who attempts their 15 minutes.

        sucks to be them.

        November 30, 2017
      • Christian said:

        J, you are so right. I’ve unfollowed so many on IG because the look “inside” their private life would put you to sleep! LOL
        I don’t need to see you looking at yourself making faces or while you’re driving (which is the STUPIDEST thing they do). I may very well delete my IG. So over it.

        November 30, 2017
      • 96 King said:

        I kid you not, that Hayden is one of the biggest cornballs to ever exist on the face of this earth lol. He is honestly one of those people who fit the description of “just be pretty and don’t speak” because nothing of substance ever comes out of his mouth. Wasn’t he going to start a “YouTube channel” about a year ago dedicated to fitness? (yawn… Aren’t they all lol). And then he totally abandoned the idea and resorted to being an IG thot.. Most of his followers are horny gay men, I doubt they follow him to aspire to look like a roided turtle who lives in the gym. They just want their moment.

        Sorry but I’m not going to take one seriously as a “fitness guru” or whatever when you post videos of yourself grinding like a stripper half naked for IG clout. Get it together dude. He’s damn near 30, married and has a child but behaves like a thirsty 21 year old. He has nothing to offer and clearly suffers from narcissistic personalty disorder. I won’t be surprised if his marriage falls apart one day because the way how that dude loves himself & the attention is hilarious, instagram fame can ruin relationships. I’ve seen it.

        And LMAO don’t get me started on those CORNBALLS who take videos of themselves looking into the camera or lipsyncing rap songs. Ahhh IG clout has these cheesy men doing the most. Take away that IG account & their lives fall apart. I can throw out a list of these corny men but that’s another comment for another post.

        December 1, 2017
      • Jamari Fox said:

        ^throw out a list or send me an email.
        i feel a blog entry in the works.
        let’s talk about all the cornballs on IG…

        December 1, 2017
      • Christian said:

        @96 King…you hit the nail on the head. Take away IG/Facebook/Snapchat and A LOT of these people would have NOTHING. They need IG to feel important about themselves…without the adoration they wouldn’t probably know what to do or how to act, and that is sad.

        I may be a part of the problem, because I fawn all over some of them too. I don’t make comments on their pages, but I do look at their pics and stuff. But I have realized over time that some of them come across as boring and corny as hell and that pushes me away from them. Lol

        December 2, 2017
  4. Jammy said:

    Which is funny cause I just went to Tumblr and found like 7 or 8 of his ass pics….😐 Sigh..

    November 30, 2017
    • Christian said:

      He’s (Hayden) not even cute. He looks like a store mannequin. He has a nice body and that’s it.

      November 30, 2017
      • Jammy said:

        Probably has no Personality either. A lot of these dudes are just show and most likely boring to be around and probably only talk about themselves.

        December 1, 2017
  5. Brandon T. said:

    I guess “ass” is the new “Pussy” *facepalm* *shrug*

    November 30, 2017
  6. Jellop said:

    Question, anyone been able to find out this guy’s height and weight? Can’t find anything anywhere? He strikes me as maybe being short or at least a bit beyond average height.

    I guess I’ll give him that he’s good at knowing his best angles like any thirst trap, but it’s getting boring especially considering with how little we know about him.

    December 4, 2017

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