Kellon Deryck: The New Baller Wolf

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.36.20 PMlet’s talk about my big booty cutie,
kellon deryck.
you know i luh-ed-ed him.
i’ve been meaning to this entry for a while now.
so as you know,
kellon is what you would call a business wolf.
he has risen from “hair stylist” to legit “business owner”.
kellon has opened up his own salon adeptly titled,
“the kellon deryck salon”.
take a look at the seed he planted…
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Anti Lemonade

antilemonadeone thing i love about beyonce and rihanna,
during these eras of theirs,
is that they went completely outside the box.
that is art.
that is creativity.
that is taking a stand against what everyone thinks you should be doing.
they both released albums that don’t have huge radio hits.
they are all over the place on first listen.
their albums are very personal for them…

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Let Prince Inspire U

tumblr_n6v0s12GJs1tuy8zto2_1280prince has still been effecting me.
i cannot believe he died the way he did.
i always thought prince would live to be like 100.
like rose nyland,
he would do random pop ups in his old age and be gone like a ghost.
57 is just way too young.
it makes me sad all of our black legends died so lonely
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