Jessie Williams For President (Everyone Else Go Home)

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.28.24 PMcan we talk about jessie williams now?
actor by day; super hero by fight.

you know i had to give him a special entry.
how amazing was his speech last night at the 2016 bet awards?
he was there to accept his humanitarian award,
but who knew he came to give the black community a much needed dragging?
if you didn’t watch,
or did,
i want you to see it as many times as possible…
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“Left” Made Me Cry Today

cry-emojii love when animals win.
i also love when the animals in my life win.
if anyone knows me,
they know i will show love to anyone who i feel deserves it.
i’m not like the rest who only take you seriously

after you made it
got connections

well my straight wolf best friend,
achieved something that made me cry…
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Beyonce Gets Another Trophy In Style

tumblr_o8f03dbgLA1vu68cvo4_r1_400even though there has been a lot of sadness,
2016 has been a killer year for our black queens.
beyonce was awarded the coveted cfda award last night.
(cfda: council of fashion designers of america)
she joins the ranks of iman,
and pharrell williams for impeccable style.
in my head,
“serena van der woodson” and “blair waldorf” of gossip girl as well.
this is her speech below…
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