When You Try To Rob Luke Cage (and a Ton of Surprises Unfold)


nothing better than a surprise.
whether it’s a package,
a promotion,
or a sexy wolf behind a jack’d profile.
nothing beats a surprise.
these robber jackals were in for a good surprise as well.
they ordered a pizza in hopes of robbing who was delivering the pizza.
what they got was even better.
an f-bi sent me this story via the washington post
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The Weeknd Does Something About Those Tentacles On His Head

tumblr_nvpne8dang1ur0c8do1_500the weeknd finally did it!
he finally cut that octupus off his head.
i know it probably didn’t happen easy.
he probably hid all the clippers and scissors.
well he debuted it on his twitter for his new album,
(um ok)
this is what an f-bi sent me…
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Trey Songz Woke Up And Claps Back for Black Lives

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-8-14-12-pmtrey songz is sexy.
he is physically sexy,
but he is also very “woke sexy”.
nothing sexier than a woke wolf.
whenever black (any) issues arise,
trey always takes to his social media to voice his concerns.
with the latest senseless kiling of yet another black wolf,
trey took to his social media with the quickness.
he also called out ( x shaq ) and ( x ray lewis ) for their ignorance on his ig like so…
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Braylon Edwards Cleans Up Well (And Isn’t Washed Up)

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 1.55.39 PM

i’m happy that he cut that barbarian beard off…
i was just thinking about braylon edwards the other day.
when they are out of sight,
they end up being out of mind and floating in oblivion.
well just after i thought about him,
a tweet of his slid up my timeline.
he has a gig working on sports nation and sports center at espn in la.
that means more of him looking like this
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