Jennifer Boyle Sings The Blues

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-14-37-pm i love when the jackals and hyenas show their ass,
but end up being assed out in the process.
it goes to show karma is very real.
so remember this ( x she snow hyena from this entry )?
she was the trump supporter acting belligerent over a shopping bag.
she claims she was discriminated against by black vixens who worked at the store.
well looks like she has been found!
this is an update
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Don’t Judge a Fox by His Girl Jeans


remember him?
his name was devin j.
well he was in the nba baller wolf,
norris cole,
scandal a couple years ago.

( x go back into the archives here  )

an f-bi sent me an update of what the he allegedly looks like now.
everyone meet the devin jourdun.
brace yourself…
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Bow Wow aka Shad Moss Has A Rant of Wisdom For His Peers


our favorite bi-racial and multifaceted talent,
bow wow aka shad moss,
had a rant a couple days ago.
the rant?
how his peers in the music industry need to get their shit together.
this is what he said via instagram
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I’d Like A Black Beyonce Barbie Please!

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-7-48-11-pmi saw this today and i fell in love.
how amazing does beyonce look as “black barbie” for halloween?
jay looking like bill cosby…
xqk5m…but i like his tux.
here are two more shots…
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