Serena William’s Booty Landed Her A Papi

tumblr_nrfu7cOrdC1s5yq4jo4_540serena williams is body goals.
what i would do with all that tail.
the possibilities are endless.
then again…
i’d have a hard time finding jeans.
ya know what?
i’ll pass…
well guess who is trying to get in all that booty?
well serena was caught making out with none other than…
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David Denson: The Right Way To Publicly Come Out The Closet?

Brewers-minor-leaguer-David-Deyou know when someone comes out the closet in sports or hollywood,
usually the motivation is to sell some magazines or t-shirts.
shortly after,
the skeletons get exposed and “we” end up being over them.
when the world is your stage,
there is always a hidden agenda in the background.
well that may not have been the case of mlb baller wolf,
david denson.
he recently came out the closet with very little agenda.
cnn had this to say…

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Bishop TD Jakes Has Something To Say About The Foxhole

t.d.-jakes-dappereveryone knows i’m part of the potters house online congregation.
well if you don’t know,
now ya know.
*biggie voice*
every sunday,
i faithfully stream bishop td jakes service all the way from new yawk.
i often tweet while watching as well.
one day i will attend service live and in living color.
in the front row since i don’t “do” nose bleeds.
anyway td jakes had some interesting things to say about gays in the church.
someone sent him in a question during his “the huffington post live” segment.
since the foxhole makes up gay/bi/tri,
this one is definitely for us.
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Ciara Does “Yes This Is Real” At Training Camp

screen-shot-2015-07-31-at-3-51-07-pmso i’m just going to say it.
im starting to think everyone is wrong.
that is ciara pushing little future at the seattle seahawks training camp.
and then this happened…
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tumblr_nri4odBaxI1u7yiy4o1_540…like how much truth is ^this?
my mother use to grab the vicks and slather it on me.
she also tried to make me drink buckleys.
that tasted like straight up black plague,
but it worked tho.
i always try to keep vicks in my medicine cabinet.
rub it on,
wear some heavy clothing,
and prepare to sweat it out.
i loved reading all of these #growingupblack nostalgia on twitter.
black folks are a resourceful bunch aren’t we?
oh and how about this:

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