MEATMARKETwell foxhole,
two of the baller wolf favs are officially off the meat market.
i shed a tear earlier today at work.
minnesota viking,
adrian peterson,
married his long time fiance,
they recently showed up to a charity event wearing weddings rings and confirmed the nuptials.
she also changed her twitter name to “peterson”.
  you know its real when that happens.
the other is new yawk giants,
victor cruz.
he actually proposed to his long time girlfriend and career “turn down for never”,
elaina watley.
here is the video…
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moneyinthebankso it looks like michael sam is not out.
he is actually “IN”.
he officially signed to the st. louis rams.
four year contract.
 2.65 million dollars.
46,000 guaranteed.
not bad.
that can pay for monthly:
costume changes

tumblr_n6bynh1nTF1qzi80do1_500 tumblr_n6bynh1nTF1qzi80do2_r1_500oh not for mikey.
oh no.
the real come up goes to the snow fox.
now is there a bergdorfs or barneys in st louie?
the hubz can now afford the upkeep.

thanks to the vix-bi who sent me trhe update.

bannedbanned fo’ life.
no participating in any nba activities.
2.5 million fine.
a commissioner who wants to SEE the clippers owned by someone else.
donald sterling is what you would call: cooked.
kudos to everyone who came together to get this slave master up and out.
god i love a good take down.
turns me on.

lowkey: i read the nba was gonna have some real ruckus if this slave owner wasn’t evicted.
the baller wolves was not playing with this one.

( x king james and the miami heat did their own protest )

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.40.39 PMthis is why i like kenya moore.
i guess i’m the only one,
but it’s whatever.
she’s entertaining.
i completely agree with her tho.
personally i’m not into fist fighting in the street like a commoner.
i’ll leave that for the ratchets.
now if you charge at me like a wild silverback gorilla,
i’m not above:

tumblr_moc53qXk6r1spfd6uo1_500…and then tell the police i was in fear for my life.

lowkey: i was wondering about this fight today at work.
it seems very unlike the real housewives franchise.
why do i feel like moose leakes sent this story to the tabloid to start shit?