The Bible Says You’re Going To Hell With Me!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetyou know what i love?
when someone comes with the receipts to bring down a nation.
the type of receipts that will have you questioning what you believe.
well one tweeter did just that.
he happened to have dragged everyone who:

only “knows” religion when convenient

get into these tweets
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Meet The “Should Have Been The Next President”, Michelle Obama!

how beautiful is michelle obama?
i’m going to miss her being first lady.
she was so much fun compared to the others.

let’s hit her speech at the dnc one mo’ gin…
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The Cast of Marvel’s “Black Panther” is Revealed!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.58.54 PMso a weekend of two ago,
the pretty vixen and i went on the highline.
the highline was a railroad track that they turned into this beautiful park.
it stretches from 12th street down to 34th.
as we are walking,
chadwick boseman walks past us.
well it looked like him.
he was in mid convo with this gorgeous black wolf.
i actually noticed chadwick first.
i know my celebs.
when chadwick saw me,
he dropped eye contact and looked a little nervous.
i took it as he didn’t want all the “extra” of me coming up for pictures.
i don’t “do” excited to see a celebrity in public.
i’d rather do it vip or bts.

the pretty vixen was clueless as to who he was,
as she noticed the gorgeous black wolf first.
well chadwick is going to be in the new marvel “black panther” movie.
he is reprising his role as “black panther” from “captain american: civil war”.
he posted the cast picture via instagram

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Marques Houston Has A New Life Path

b3b7f56346d64d76a44f1c1a8c565683remember these days?
well remember them no more!
so marques houston has been through a lot.
he is kind of a r&b legend with the other 90s cub acts.


don’t stone me for adding beyonce.
anyway a foxholer wanted to show you what marques is up to now.
you will never believe it…
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