Ciara Does “Yes This Is Real” At Training Camp

screen-shot-2015-07-31-at-3-51-07-pmso i’m just going to say it.
im starting to think everyone is wrong.
that is ciara pushing little future at the seattle seahawks training camp.
and then this happened…
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tumblr_nri4odBaxI1u7yiy4o1_540…like how much truth is ^this?
my mother use to grab the vicks and slather it on me.
she also tried to make me drink buckleys.
that tasted like straight up black plague,
but it worked tho.
i always try to keep vicks in my medicine cabinet.
rub it on,
wear some heavy clothing,
and prepare to sweat it out.
i loved reading all of these #growingupblack nostalgia on twitter.
black folks are a resourceful bunch aren’t we?
oh and how about this:

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How He Didn’t Star In “A Good Pounding” For Fame

tumblr_mxb5kljwoH1qg4blro1_500we all joke and say:

“shit i’d get down on my knees quick for my come up.”

…or am i the only one who said that?
well in hollywood,
there is something called “the casting couch”.
i’m sure you have heard about it.
its where some have ventured to become the stars you see today.
hell it even happens in corporate.
suck enough dick,
spread them cheeks,
or letting your pussy be your guide
may lead to insta-“made it”.
again: for some.
well rob kazinsky,
from a show called “warcraft”,
dropped a bomb at comic con recently.
this is what kyle buchanan tweeted about what rob said.

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The Moose Has Left To Go Back To The Forest

NeNe-Leakes-Works-the-camera-0107-1welp its done.
the moose has returned back to her natural habitat.
nene leakes has left her forest of “the real housewives of atlanta”.
an f-bi was hunting and saw her strolling back into the forest.
this is what she told people magazine about her exit…
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Caitlyn Jenner Breaks The Internet

jnyXlgnthis is it.
it has happened.
caitlyn jenner has finally arrived.
“k” purposely not added.
she made her surprise debut earlier today.
vanity fair decided to leak the cover on their twitter.
famed photographer,
annie leibovitz,
had the pleasure of shooting her.
well when i say EVERYONE was talking about this today at work.
the pictures were being traded around like pokemon cards.
she also broke the record of fastest to reach 1 million followers.
Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.59.20 PM
kardashians who?
here are a few bonus shots for the foxhole…
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