Chrisette Michele’s Hypeman Tells Spike Lee How He Feels

you gotta be careful who your “hypeman” is.
it could either be a friend,
or your s/o,
but the wrong hyena or jackal could have you out here looking crazy.
well chrisette michele’s hypeman happens to be her wolf,
doug ellison.
after spike lee banished her work from his project,
this is what he retweeted from her twitter via baller alert
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250k Is The Price of a Soul Nowadays

chrisette michele is the soul we are talking about today.
the trump forests allegedly paid her 250k to perform this mess
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Trump Books A Willing Negro Child To Tap Dance For Him?

so it’s happening in a few days.
matter a fact.
donald trump will be sworn in as our new president.
that means you or i can try out for the gig.
clearly the standards have lowered.
well the talk has been about who will headline the festivities.
ya’ll damn near scared jennifer holiday back into irrelevancy.
sadly another negro vixen child has allegedly taken the gig.
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Heat Ain’t Poppin ‘n’ Lockin Fast Enough on Connectpal?

this is why i don’t get into this connectpal shit.
so everyone meet heat.
you remember him?
he is the dominican stripper attentionisto with the pop ‘n’ lock moves.
i guess he wanted to try something new for 16′ christmas:

…or not.
well it seems that now heat is a big reality tv star on lifetime’s “black magic”,
he hasn’t been updating his connectpal for his fans.
one of the f-bi sent me some of his comments under that picture…
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