When The Going Get Tough, The Tough Leap Off A Roof To Their Death

i notice when snow wolves lose all their money,
they tend to head to suicide.
that is pretty much what their life is based on.
it’s always something painful too.
well charles w. murphy,
a hedge fund snow wolf,
who lost a shit load of money due to bernie madoff’s ponzi scheme,

decided to kill himself on monday in new yawk.
this is the story via totpi
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Tyga Might Be An Alleged Bisexual

…according to blac chyna.
so when i woke up today,
i went to go see what was happening on snapchat.
usually thats where all the messiness goes down after hours.
i was caught up with blac chyna going off in her baby daddy,
this is what she said in her snap story…
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Dr. Fix-A-FLat Won’t Be In The Office For A While (Try Back In A Few Years)

i suspect the next time anyone wants fake bunz,
they will make sure to do the research.
so a transgendered she-jackal is headed to jail.
she thought she could play “doctor” and fill bawdy parts with glue and fix-a-flat.
it wasn’t until one of her clients died that she was hauled off to jail.
well she will be sitting on her own fix-a-flat to think about her crimes via the new york post
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Rico Pruitt Career Is Now “L.I.T” (Porn Stars Are The New Actors?)

/the following is parental advisory and nsfw.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so it wasn’t his performance in that “bba” debut?
so rico pruitt is heading towards sweeping awards season.
he is multi faceted in these forests.
he acts and does porn.
well rico pruitt is on a new series titled “l.i.t”.
he plays a character that moves to atl and gets into the fast life of stripping.
this is the trailer
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When Your Pussy Can’t Get You A Baller Wolf To Round Trip You Home

let’s have a life conversation real quick.
everyone meet ( x realnoelbianca ) up above.
she is a ig attentionista.
her role model is kim kardashian.
say no more.
so she went out to oregon on a one way ticket to allegedly fuck…
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