Your New Baboon Butt Cheekz Are To Die For!

hY4JJSmV6zrt3kEvhmQXlveGKBOVF66OqOeapbzcRdpiEaqOpnLjWPembM2q7ujQC6OPzbVsXRi45dQyHkRbfSwywB_ZORVirsmVIJDKmNQ-ODNKGZ46tHVR8Kw=s0-d-e1-fteveryone wants to get the new baboon butt cheekz.
red stain not included.
all the cool kids are getting one.
its just a matter of time you will too.
*rubs back of head from that slap*
well remember this ( x wolf meat 421 ) from the other day?
one of my foxhole favs,
sent me the video to back up claims he got baboon butt cheekzl.
 what do you think?…
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WOLF MEAT: (422)

tumblr_kxfj14bdbI1qav8zgthats covered in delicious nuts.
so its not too late to go and get a christmas card.
this fox wants to help you find the perfect one,
but i don’t think my wolfie friend wants a card anymore.
he wants something hallmark can’t make that the fox has…

(this entry is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”)…
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