When Your Pussy Can’t Get You A Baller Wolf To Round Trip You Home

let’s have a life conversation real quick.
everyone meet ( x realnoelbianca ) up above.
she is a ig attentionista.
her role model is kim kardashian.
say no more.
so she went out to oregon on a one way ticket to allegedly fuck…
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Marilyn Monroe Turns Over In Her Grave and Throws Up

“oh dear”…
marylin monroe was a force to be reckoned with back in her prime.
even in death,
she is still the role model to many a snow bunnies with thot mindsets.

she also had a symmetrical face.
many white actresses have been pegged “the new marylin monroe” and failed miserably.
well a new “fail” tried her hand at recreating marilyn.
check who
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Rico Pruitt Has An IG Live Rant

this ig live thing…
well rico pruitt had a rant on his ig live.
he addressed all the rumors about why he left “about him”,
all that beef with the director of signal 23 that lead him to do porn.
this is the video an f-bi sent me with commentary from “the wiley show” Read More »

Caitlyn Jenner Wants Your Attention (Again)

so caitlyn jenner is getting dolled up for another interview.
i know.
diane sawyer is doing it again.
i know.
this is what the hollywood reporter had to say about it…
(i know)
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All His Life, Adrien Broner’s Paws Had To Fight

they say you never know where someone is been until you walked a mile in their shoes.
well boxer wolf,
adrien broner,
has walked a couple miles with no shoes on.
he thought we wanted to see his paw situation on the gram and well…
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