The Magically Re-Appearing “POTUS” Twitter Account

i un-followed the “potus” account and now i’m following it again.
it has happened to everyone who removed the account after obama left.
don’t force these jackals and hyenas on us.
we will all collectively report you for spam.

Chrisette Michele Wants To Be The Bridge For Us and The Republicans

“i got all these pineapples talking about me finally!”
so the forests have a lot to say about chrisette michele.
this is the most publicity she has had in her career.
who knew selling her soul to trump would do it.
so she went ahead and released a statement for us.
of course.
there is a reason why she is performing at trump’s inauguration.
this is what she had to say
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Trump Books A Willing Negro Child To Tap Dance For Him?

so it’s happening in a few days.
matter a fact.
donald trump will be sworn in as our new president.
that means you or i can try out for the gig.
clearly the standards have lowered.
well the talk has been about who will headline the festivities.
ya’ll damn near scared jennifer holiday back into irrelevancy.
sadly another negro vixen child has allegedly taken the gig.
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