I’ll Kill For You (Mother).

“oh mother…”
everyone was telling me watch “bates motel” on a&e.

it was the re-vamped prequel to the movie series,
i was like “eh”.
i didn’t want to watch anything creepy.
i was pushed when i saw rihanna was going to be on it.
she would be playing the legendary character,
“marion crane”.
the one who was stabbed up in the shower in the first “psycho”.

well i started the series on netflix last weekend and ended it today.
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I Watched “The New Edition Story (Part 1)” and Well…

…wasn’t it amazing?!?
i have no complaints or thoughts.
it was shot right,
gave details on how things went down,
and everyone acted their tails off.
bet really came through with this.
i was shocked to hear the cursing,
but it’s about time we cut the censorship now.
i can’t wait for the second half tomorrow!

Does the foxhole have any thoughts?

lowkey: it was great to see lisa nicole carson!

Nothing Better Than “Climax”

/the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is advised.

arquez is cute.
he has gone from porno star hybrid,
to stripper hybrid,
and now he getting his acting hybrid on.
he plays “light skin thug” well.
arquez is starring in a web series called “climax” for signal 23 tv.
it also stars niko love:

…of “i don’t know” fame.
well i got ahold of the first episode for the foxhole.
check it out…

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