Beyonce Has A Surprise That Will Drop Soon

one thing i’ve learned from beyonce is the art of timing.
i have also learned mystery from her as well.
she knows when to drop albums and news.
she also keeps her celebrity like the old school stars.
she gives us enough,
but keeps something to herself.
well she dropped a bomb on instagram for us…
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Caitlyn Jenner Has A Secret She Wants To Share

your favorite glorified cross dresser,
caitlyn jenner
*looks side to side with the “don’t front” face at the foxhole*
*adds an eye roll/screw face combo for a finishing touch*

…is coming out with her memoirs.
it’s called “the secrets of my life”.
i guess she will tell us just when she had an interest in her wives clothes.
she releases a video with the book cover on her ig and well…
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