David McIntosh May Be For Trump (Still Would Let Smash?)

what’s happening with david mcintosh?
ever since this presidential election,
folk’s favs been giving no fucks.
an f-bi wanted me to see a collection of tweets from david today.
his first tweet that started it all appeared to been this:

…and then all hell broke loose
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Chrisette Michele Wants To Be The Bridge For Us and The Republicans

“i got all these pineapples talking about me finally!”
so the forests have a lot to say about chrisette michele.
this is the most publicity she has had in her career.
who knew selling her soul to trump would do it.
so she went ahead and released a statement for us.
of course.
there is a reason why she is performing at trump’s inauguration.
this is what she had to say
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Kim Burrell Gets A Restraining Order By…

^this male.
and delivert from andrew caldwell.
well andrew ain’t playing in these forests no mo.
he out here bringing folks to court.
he is setting an example with kim burrell first.
you know she called him out in that sermon.
well here are all the restraining order documents he filed from st. louis…
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