Mike Adams Has The Side Profile of All Fine Baller Wolves

tumblr_o407hsrAQH1r78dgto1_500can we talk about this baller wolf’s side profile tho?
he is handsome as hell.
i nearly fainted when i first saw it.
well his name is mike adams and he plays for the colts.
lets get into some stats
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Top Shelf Wolf: Cody Latimer

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.12.40 PMsooooooo…
i remember seeing cody latimer on the 2014 nfl draft.
when i saw him,
i thought in my head:

“who the HAYLE was that???”

i had to write about him,
but i completely forgot.
so many baller wolves; so little time.
well now is the right time…
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