Top Shelf Wolf: Cody Latimer

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 8.12.40 PMsooooooo…
i remember seeing cody latimer on the 2014 nfl draft.
when i saw him,
i thought in my head:

“who the HAYLE was that???”

i had to write about him,
but i completely forgot.
so many baller wolves; so little time.
well now is the right time…
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Premium Meat of My SB Minute: Doug Baldwin Jr

7688590“well hello doug...”
so as you know,
the superbowl is in jersey this weekend.
ny is a mess and i’m avoiding the craziness of the city until monday.
i’m sure all the whores from the projects are trying to get chose.
well i hope they stay away from doug baldwin jr of the seahawks…
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Is Booby Still With That Chick?

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.05.53 PMthis is booby gibson aka daniel gibson.
nba baller wolf and personal punching bag to keyshia cole.

i kid.
sorry boobz.
booby do you even still play?
well he has been getting ^pretty bold lately on ig.
is that a sub ig towards his wife situation?
one could only imagine.
can i just say how fuckin fine he looks in that pic?

tumblr_m9ucvp1RUJ1rec9feo1_500you can leave your pants on the floor now booby.

if keyshia allegedly leaves him,
she’s an alleged idiot.
he looks like the type you can wrap around your finger after some good head.
the type to hand you his credit card because you pulled a mean nut out.
hell keyshia he bought you a pig.

Premium Meat of My Minute: Martez Wilson

tumblr_mun00jnJgU1r78dgto1_1280so you know i love baller wolves.
if you don’t,
then you clearly don’t know me after all these years.
well i saw this picture and thought whoever this baller wolf is was fuckin’ hot.
i wanted him immediately.
of course i went sniffin around and found out who he was…
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How The First NFL Gay Baller Wolf Plan Fell Apart


tumblr_mp9l1zL8hg1ql22nko6_250yeah no dancing right now.
so remember when some nfl baller wolf was suppose to come out the closet?
it was supposed to be four of them?
well this article from the bleacher report explains why it allegedly didn’t happen.
thank you to the f-bi for this update because i was wondering myself what happened.
its a long read so get a snack:

The team had decided yes. The player had decided the same. It was set. It was going to happen. An NFL player was going to publicly say he was gay and then play in the NFL.

What happened before that moment showed how parts of the NFL are progressive and ready for change. Then, what happened next showed how the sport is still in some ways fearful of it.

The following account is based on interviews with approximately a dozen people, including team and league officials, current and former players, and gay-rights advocates. Some were directly involved with the discussions that nearly led to the first openly gay NFL player. Further illustrating the intense secrecy, delicacy and fear surrounding the subject, none of the principals wanted to be identified. They also refused to identify the team or the player…

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