Marc Jacobs Wants You To Try This On

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.37.08 PMmarc jacobs is an amazing fashion designer.
he looks good too.
he wants us all to try out everything from his empire.
well i think he posted his own leakage that was meant for someone in his dms.
he quickly deleted the following picture from instagram,
but of course,
the f-bi was already on it.
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Allen Iverson Gets Some Alleged Pipe Leakage?

Allen-Iversonyou couldn’t tell me when i was a cub that allen iverson wasn’t sexy as hell.
the lips.
the eyes.
the “bad wolf” attitude.
well a vix-bi sent me some random shots of allen iverson’s alleged pipe leakage.
i don’t know too much background on when the alleged shots were taken,
or who allegedly took them,
but i appreciate a good sniff and the foxhole does as well.
(this is NSFW,
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Thomas Q. Jones is What (Wet) Dreams Are Made Of

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 11.44.15 PMthomas q. jones is “look at god”.
if i had a vagina,
it would be in shambles.
he is the wolf you thot for real heavy.
why are all the fine ones straight?
well ever since he debuted as “the cutty buddy” on “being mary jane”,
he has been the talk of the forests.
every vixen i know was hooked.
hell even wendy williams had to ask who he was.
let me give you guys a reminder of why he does what he does…
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Guess Who Is Going To Be In The 2015 ESPN Body Issue?

tumblr_nqctv5UcZL1uwwrxno2_1280…and i am completely ready for it all.
well its about that time.
the 2015 espn body issue will hit stands pretty soon.
its when chosen baller wolves/vixens get naked for the world to see.
well i only see one baller wolf that i’m interested in…
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Did King James Get Some Accidental Peen Leakage?

101314-NBA-lebron-james-shirtless-ahn-PI.vresize.1200.675.high.4…and on live tv nonetheless?
well king james was adjusting his uniform for the cavs/warriors finals match up and well…
this happened…
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One Mo’ Gin Wit (Odell Beckham JR)

tumblr_noh5dnKXi91tsqmfco1_500i guess this a two parter.
so first of all…

^this picture of odell made me fully wake up this sunday.
pictures where you are “caught off guard” tend to show your true beauty.
like that one where you were caught smiling.
you know you don’t smile.
well this other picture of odell getting acupuncture that my f-bi sent me tho…
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Odell Beckham JR Is The New Tumblr

tumblr_np4rxjcfj11uwwrxno1_540i just want to say i talked about odell beckham jr in ’13.
( x here )
he was my pre baller wolfie gem from lsu i discovered.
well fast forward to ’15.
he plays for the giants and is also now the new tumblr wolf.
i can count on all paws the times his pics scroll down my tumblr tl.
i mean even tho he straight,
i’d still give it to him…
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Reggie Bush Is What You Call “Platinum Peen”

tumblr_mbufwaUqah1qi0b8uo1_1280i still get chills when i think about ( x t mobile commercial ).
so reggie bush has been traded to the 49ers.
he joins colin kaepernick and vernon davis next season.
tmz sports caught up with him to ask his thoughts and well…
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LaRon Landry Does Eggplant… Monday?

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.13.06 PM…it took laron landry to make my first “welcome back” post.
thanks laron.
you are too kind.
he also seems to be debuting his version of “eggplant monday”.
i am not even mad.
i also liked his inspirational quote as well.
i read it after 10 minutes of gawking.

lowkey: thanks to my f-bi who sent this in as well.

photo taken: instagram