OMFGBRAYLONEin a perfect world…
i would ask to have one night with braylon edwards and it would be granted.
no going through hoops,
andcrossing “t”s or dotting “i”s.
matta a factualssss…..
i would say it about any (pre)baller wolf and would happened.
sadly this isn’t a perfect world.
well braylon is continuing his “nofucksbutfun” shirtless tour and well…
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Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.09.16 PMyou know what?
a lot of the foxhole love some big beef.
you are free to use that in your own context.
personally i like my meat a lot more lean,
but who am i to judge?
well a couple f-bi alerted me about mlb wolf for the texas rangers,
prince fielder.
well our beefy baller wolf for the 2014 body issue
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photosorry larry.
i had to use this pic…
well foxhole,

it has happened.
and surprisingly vixens have waited for this day.
the day baller wolf larry fitzgerald got big butt booty naked.
the internet has many dedicated sites to his butt cheeks.
ive even written an entry or two.
well he tastefully bared all for the 2014 espn body issue and well…
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