“Burning Sands” Got Me Scared To Be Spanked (My Tail Sensitive)

have you watched the horror movie that is “burning sands” on netflix yet?
it wasn’t a horror,
but it felt like one!
it starred:

trevor jackon
trevante rhodes
other complications of fine black wolves
that pretty singing vixen from “empire”

well if you haven’t,
you need to do it today.
so “burning sands”,
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Caught Up In “Fences”

if you aren’t careful,
you will repeat the cycle.
some of us are repeating a cycle.
we are hurting others because we are hurt.
been hurt.
we expect everyone to do what we would do.
i can admit that i’ve have done it with my friends at one point.
that is not how life works.
we are all free to make mistakes and grow.
what may work for you may not work for them.
i learned that tonight watching “fences”

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So I Saw “Moonlight” Today and Well…

i want you to stop what you are doing right now.
get in the shower,
pick out a nice outfit,
and find the closest theater playing “moonlight” tomorrow.
( x go to fandango )
i am completely blown away at what i watched today.
i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
i’m going to give a quick review without giving too much away.
although i reallllllllllly want to talk about it with someone.
this movie was heavy.
let’s get into it…
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I’m In The Middle of “Suicide Squad” And…


what’s wrong with it?
i’m not familiar with the “suicide squad” comic,
but everyone was trashing it like it was the worst thing.
they said there was no action,
but it seems pretty action packed.

Am I missing what was so bad about it?

lowkey: i love harley quinn.
aside from her craziness,
she is the story of many.
vixen treated like shit for an ain’t shit wolf.
she is definitely the stand out along dead shot and amanda waller.
i can just imagine all the “harley quinns” this halloween.
vixens already out here coming to work with neon hair.