The Mentality of Gay Marriage

now i’m happy for those who are celebrating the gay marriage ruling.
have never been a marriage fanatic.
i don’t see myself getting married to anyone,
but i won’t knock anyone who wants to.
your life; your choice.
i was having an interesting discussion today with one of the foxholers.
they mentioned how they felt about gay marriage and well…
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Baller Wolves Who Love Transgenders Need To Come Out!

laverne_cox_instagram…according to sophia,
aka laverne cox,
from “orange is the new black”.
she says straight wolves of any kind,
who date transgenders secretly,
should come out with it so others can feel comfortable.
she also says they get stigmatized more than transgenders as well.
well here is the article from the huffington post
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fool-2015there is an old song with the lyrics:

“everyone plays the fool,

…and don’t think you won’t.
you’re not immune to doing dumb shit.

you are not immune to meeting a jackal in pretty fur
you are not immune by all your friends turning on you
you are not immune to losing all your money
you are not immune to being outed and embarrassed
you are also not immune to catching a fatal disease

which is why when older animals look down on me,
i want to say:

“muthafucka get the fuck off your high horse.
you know damn well you was ack’in a damn fool out here.
its a wonder you don’t have aids.”

giphylife can hand you 9 wins,
but you could lose big on the 10th.
you know what tho?
sometimes its a good thing to be “the fool”…
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Timbaland Reposts Meme About Caity J; All Hell Breaks Loose

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.43.58 PMwell according to timbaland,
one of my favorite super producers,
“empire” cured him of his homophobia.
( x here )
well some people think it didn’t cure him fully recently.
this is what he posted on facebook about caitlyn jenner…
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Caitlyn Jenner Breaks The Internet

jnyXlgnthis is it.
it has happened.
caitlyn jenner has finally arrived.
“k” purposely not added.
she made her surprise debut earlier today.
vanity fair decided to leak the cover on their twitter.
famed photographer,
annie leibovitz,
had the pleasure of shooting her.
well when i say EVERYONE was talking about this today at work.
the pictures were being traded around like pokemon cards.
she also broke the record of fastest to reach 1 million followers.
Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.59.20 PM
kardashians who?
here are a few bonus shots for the foxhole…
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It Ain’t Gay If I Only Put The Tip In His Mouth


during this “yung trizzy trill/raging jackal” scandal,
i started to realize something.
well its something i’ve known for a while.
hell i run the foxhole.
my readers are a different breed.

i also think its the reason i’m not so hard on the dl.
i get it.
well some of them.
there are a majority that can be idiots.
i don’t think people realize…
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The Pursuit of Friendship and Other Sobering Thoughts (Star Fox)

5001328857_4c32b574d9_bthey say in life that you will experience one or two great loves.
they also say in life you will experience one great friendship.
well i haven’t found my great love yet,
but i did have a great friend.
its hard to meet people these days.
real people.
genuine people.
loyal people.
“stand at the front line with you” people.
death to us part people.
whether you want to pursue a relationship or kick it on a platonic level.
i miss my great friend.
life has been so different since he has been gone.
its like everything wrong with people has been enhanced xs 1000.
i started to see most people these days are just “stand ins”.
in realizing that,
i have no one i can really share myself with.
i mean i have associates,
and i consider karaoke one of my best vixen friends,
but i don’t have any male gay friends in my circle.
you try and get close to someone in the life and either:
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Your Competition Is Better Than U.

boxing-glovesthey say competition is healthy.
sometimes you don’t even realize you are competing with others.
competing can also be pretty corny as well.
kinda like this whole “stan war”,
where we only can have “one pop star” at a time,
is pretty damn annoying.
in a race,
we have to compete to get to the finish line.
in life,
we may find ourselves competing with others subconsciously.
we want the most likes,
and popularity.
in our jobs/careers,
we are competing for higher positions and better pay.
in love and lust,
we want “the one” that everyone wants or dreams of.
i had to wonder if its all really worth it?
and is it really healthy?
if we are all subconsciously competing with the next animal in the forest…

What are we actually winning?

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How To Get Caught Up On The Gram

instagramIcon_400x400this isn’t really a “public foxhole” announcement,
but moreso a “you could get that ass caught up” reminder.
moreso for the d/l and some discreet foxholers.
so you know how you be on the gram right?
you be liking random dudes pics ‘n’ adding friends ‘n’ shit.
well you that your followers can see that?
well this is how “the shade room” caught “empire”s lee daniels the other day.
he was on a liking frenzy and well…
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The Prize Yet To Be Claimed

objects-0166_large“you are sitting there.
you are the object of desire.
everyone wants to try for your attention.
funny thing is…
they don’t.
they would rather play the easy game than the challenge.
you make people want to step up.
get their shit together because they know…
you not like everyone else.
the only problem is…
​you are too much of a prize to really pursue.
how crazy is that?”

they say if you think you are a “prize”,
others will view you just the same.
does that really work in this life?
hell is it even working for the straights?
well i don’t know what to think about it anymore.
being the person that sits on the top shelf.
the one who pays their bills on time,
credit is exceptional,
everything is in their name,
and they are living that independent hustle.
realistically that all could be used against you when you are trying to date.
who woulda thunk?
check it…
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