“Give Me Attention!” says The Dumb Ass.

tumblr_inline_mr52hayNd51rkqae2everyone one of us loves attention in some way.
no one wants to feel un-wanted.
when you are in the spotlight,
or that someone you are really feeling is feeling you back,
it can be one of the most exhilarating feelings.
you can do and accomplish anything.
it gives you an extra pep in your step.
sadly when that attention is taken away,
or not returned in a way you want,
it can bring out people’s worst insecurities.
in this new age of taking a snap shot/video of everything,
we can get quick attention at a snap of a finger.
too bad its only fleeting.
we have to constantly seek validation from empty sources.
so even tho we know this…

Why do we still search for attention?

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Fake It Until You Can Believe Your Smile

make sure its not crooked.
hold my hand.
i need this to be perfect.
we need people to believe this.
most importantly…
i need to believe this…

i use to believe the filter on pictures.
while it tends to make a picture look great,
the un-edited shot is usually the most truthful.
thats the one brings the most beauty
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I Hacked His Phone and This Is What I Found

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.50.04 PM5-3-8…7





this dumb ass...
aight let me see his private messages…
i gave him 3 benadryls so he gonna be sleep until tomorrow afternoon.
just as i thought!
this asshole.

i don’t want to be this person.

“hackin’ my wolf’s phone to find out if he is cheatin’ on me.”

that person makes me break out in hives.
i usually judge that person in my head.

“if they know their wolf isn’t faithful,
what more proof is needed?

sometimes you can have all the proof and still need the “gut punch”.
you need to read the messages.
see the sexting.
your nose needs to inhale the bullshit.
no chaser.
so there you are…
screenshotting and emailing evidence to yourself.
sending messages to the hoes with a promise of an ass whoopin’.
why is the aggression directed at his ass?
why not drop him and realize our worth?
at some point,
in the matters of love,
do we all become “that person”?
the one who has to stalk his social media accounts?

i had to wonder…

Can you see yourself hackin’ your man’s phone?
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Sausage and Fish Sammiches (Kinsey Scale)

2000px-Kinsey_Scale.svgso they say a majority of people are “bi”.
i feel some wolves would try it for the right person.
a fat ass seems to have no gender these days.
sometimes an aura or femininity is all it takes.
well i feel vixens are more honest about their sexualities.
men will take their secrets to the grave.
since i’m up,
my cousin and i decided to take the kinsey scale test.
i wanted to see what i was and she was curious.
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Do U Want 2 Hook UP?

tumblr_nhnkht6tks1trox0ho1_500Everybody’s like,
“He’s no item! Please don’t like him.

He don’t wife ‘em,
he one nights ‘em!”
- excuse me miss, jay z

everyone wants to hook up.
hell i want to hook up.

“when in rome,
do what the romans do…?”

well i just have a specific type i want to hook up with.
if i’m going to lay on my back,
or my side
or on my knees
(you get the idea)
i’m going to hook up with (baller) wolves i’m actually attracted to.
i refuse to hook up for the sake of hooking up.
i mean that’ll pretty much be a one nighter.
well “hooking up” this new dating scene.
the straights and the gays are simply raving about it.
i like to call it:

“the hook up culture”

basically its…

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“Get Outed With Chris Smith”: His New Workout Plan?

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.28.36 PMso there maybe something to these attentionistos after all…
so everyone meet chris smith.
he is pretty fine and i think i’ve featured him before.
well mto decided to out chris “outside of instagram” relations today.
it seems like he was allegedly messing around with a
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Don’t Judge A Work Wolf By His Cover

b435fee6b4f3136701c9f409a5db0b4dya know what ive realized?
getting to know someone intimately gives you all the answers.
you think you have a clue from being on the inside out,
or have an idea of what the person is putting out there,
but it really takes conversing with the person to get your answers.
this is how i learned work wolf
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