David Denson: The Right Way To Publicly Come Out The Closet?

Brewers-minor-leaguer-David-Deyou know when someone comes out the closet in sports or hollywood,
usually the motivation is to sell some magazines or t-shirts.
shortly after,
the skeletons get exposed and “we” end up being over them.
when the world is your stage,
there is always a hidden agenda in the background.
well that may not have been the case of mlb baller wolf,
david denson.
he recently came out the closet with very little agenda.
cnn had this to say…

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The Power of Being Comfortable

tumblr_n0ktsz68Xy1rli00ho1_500you don’t know the power you have until someone is under your spell.
sometimes that power can turn the straightest of wolves out.
now not every wolf you meet will be gay.
some might be bi,
or “i only do this with you and no one else”.
the greatest power we all posses is making people feel comfortable.
allowing people to be themselves is something not many of us can do.
when you meet other animals,
and allow them to let down their guard,
that can be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal…
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He Beat My Cootie Cat To The White Meat (He Isn’t On The DL)

r3everyone wants to know who is on “the dl”.
you know that always makes for exciting convo.
i find:

a) the dl and their triflin’ ways
b) the dl celebs/baller wolves and their triflin’ ways
c) the dl of being broke as hell and its triflin’ ways

well “c” not so much,
but the first two are always a great start to a debate
(or a wolf/fox/hyrbid hunt).
i was having an exciting convo with a home-vixen of mine today.
she was telling me her thoughts on the dl animals and well…
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We All Just Trying To Get Smashed By “Our Fantasies”

10155492_859473587397561_3404004787852095281_ni know i am and i won’t apologize for it.
so you know that entry i wrote ( x below )?

well i had a thought about it on my mind for a while.
i guess i’m glad that happened so i could release it.
so ever so often,
some “straight” attentionisto complains of all the male attention he gets.
he wants to have a moment and announce to the world:




…and so on and so forth.
well here is the issue with that.
some of these insta-attentionistos ain’t straight to begin with.
now not every wolf who takes off his shirt is for “us”,
but some of them can be.
some of the same ones barkin’ got questionable ass DMS.
others who are #mcm have a couple #mcm.
we are so use to the following
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So This Is How “The Ugly Friend” Feels

large“the ugly friend”.
we have one.
we maybe one.
its usually a person who isn’t physically attractive.
they always tend to hang with a posse of good looking people.
they also can sometimes can be “the hater” within the group.
come “going out” time,
its usually the same story.
as their good looking counterparts are getting attention,
they are left to hold the drinks or be wait in the car.
i can see why the “the hater” tends to come out heavy.
well its funny how being discreet or dl can be similar to “the ugly friend”…
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You Shower Too Much (Funky Fresh Dressed To Impress Ready To Party)

gerbded3drnhjbsc0ylli love to take a shower.
in the summer,
i will jump in the shower twice.
can we talk about my shower regiment real quick?
yay ok!
so first i lather my body up with ivory bar soap.
once i wash that off,
i take my washcloth and squeeze dr. bronners peppermint liquid soap on it.
i like how it makes my body tingle.
it might a lot to some,
but a fox just likes to feel clean and smell good.
F-YI: as soon as you get out the shower,
spray your cologne on your body while your pores are still open.
the scent lasts longer.

well it seems like i might take a shower too much.
it isn’t healthy apparently.
an f-bi sent me this write up from “elite daily” and well…
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Its A Good Week To Be An Attentionisto

64659-Stay-True-In-The-Dark-And-Humble-In-The-Spotlightthe life of an attentionisto/istas  is a hard one.
no seriously.
they want the attention on their social media accounts,
but then they want to regulate the type of attention they get.
the “straight” attentions don’t want the gays to comment,
but they still want those gay likes.
i think they need to cut us a check for support we give their bodies.
the vixens want to be taken seriously for their brains,
but they still want to be half naked,
showing ass
and in the gym in a full face.
as soon as a baller wolf slides in them dms,
this chick is in the “don’t pull out” position.

tumblr_nq8z7395Bn1s69d29o1_1280at this point i’m thinking all of them are buffoons.
here is the thing…
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I’ll Show You How To Top The Foxes Son

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.52.54 AMlets get into a special tutorial video compliments of “mister butt cheeks”,
also known as jacob kohinoor.
jacob took time out his busy interviewing schedule to give the wolves a “top” lesson.
apparently he has been letting his ratchet side out these days.
an f-bi wanted me the foxhole to see this video so check it out…
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