“You’re A Monster Because You Didn’t Attend Pride”

tumblr_mars2pSsDz1qcopsao1_500so i was talking to a foxholer on one of my socials today.
we were discussing someone being personally offended they didn’t attend ny pride.
according to them,
the animal said:

“oh you can be gay,
but you can’t go show love at pride?
what are you?

this was coming from a straight vixen who was going.
the foxholer,
who is more discreet,
felt they may have been doing something wrong because they didn’t go to pride.
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They Don’t Like The Gays Because They Didn’t Tweet Orlando

tumblr_o8rs66xMto1spbaulo1_1280i was having an interesting discussion with one of my blogger favs,
kelsey of utstarz,
on twitter yesterday.
the topic was about the couple celebs who didn’t show support for the orlando.

chris brown

…and nicki minaj.
she actually ( x got into a huge spat with perez hilton ) about it.
i told him that i would write something yesterday,
but i started feeling a little under the weather.
a fox has been tired and run down.
forgive me foxhole.
well it’s never too late for a “jamari fox” opinion and well…
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Foxholer Night Out: Stonewall Vigil

tumblr_o6y6itckDy1ug68c4o1_500i like when the foxhole is live on the scene.
you always come back with juicy evidence and a story to tell.
well this time,
it wasn’t anything fun.
a foxholer attended the “stonewall vigil” for the orlando victims at pulse.
stonewall is located down on christopher street in new yawk.
that is the forest’s highly populated gay area.
well this is what they said about it,
followed by pictures and videos

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No Place Is Safe Anymore (Survive)


a day after the tragic shootings in orlando and i was a paranoid summabitch.
when i got to work this morning,
i thought about if some gun toting psycho was to bust through the door.

what would i do?
where would i go?
how would i handle it?

in my mind,
i would be an “x-man” and fly out the window.
or i would be the second best thing next to jason statham.
all those outcomes don’t equal what would happen in reality.
the place where shit really happens.
you know what kills me?…
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