“The Wolves Deep In My Foxhole” by My Cousin Hybrid

when you give power to your flaws,
it can greatly effect your confidence on how you live.
in this life,
we judge confidence based on what your ig looks like or how big your muscles are.
those are usually the most insecure.
well i caught up with my cousin hybrid today.
we haven’t talked in a few weeks,
but we had a full catch up via phone.
the conversation went from star fox (rip) to how to get sexy ass wolves
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“I Prayed The Gay Away…and I Didn’t Like It”: The Ballad of Katy Perry

ya know…
this “so woke” katy perry era is an interesting one.
i do like her latest single and see she is on a path of finding herself.
so did you know katy perry use to be allegedly gay?
“i kissed a girl” has truths to it.
well she claims in her actual teenage (dream) years,
she was sent to a conversion camp to “pray the gay away”.
we talked about that 20/20 on that same topic ( x here ).
this is what she said at the human rights campaign gala and well…

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He Just Likes That You Answer His Call When He Needs Help

we are powerful.
i can tell just by the comments you leave.
unless you are a hyena who wanders into the foxhole,
the foxhole is a very intelligent bunch.
if we banded together,
we could bring down the nation with the secrets we keep.
so why do we do what we do?
we give our power away to those who don’t deserve it.
the person that calls you every time they need help.
they know you will drop what you’re doing.
in return…?
i got to thinking about something today…
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