My Mirror Tells Me That I’m Ugly

tumblr_n3uq44sHXb1r62zwpo2_r1_500i have a couple questions and there are not meant to be insulting.
okay ready?
here goes…
have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you were “ugly”?
have you looked in the mirror and one flaw meant the end of the world?
and have you ever compared yourself to other people?
its okay.
you don’t need to feel embarrassed.
i’m not going to judge you.
its just me and you.
trust a lot of us have felt that way once or twice in our lives.
many people no matter how:

how much money they have
getting good pussy/ass/pipe on the regular

…feel that way every single day.
well you may suffer from “body dysmorphic disorder” and not even realize it.
i’ll tell you what that is…
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You Pineapples Ain’t Loyal

tumblr_mrzptcd5bs1srh6cco1_500we all have fought with friends.
i’m sure we have all gone at it with people we love.
i know i have.
lets say you choose to end the friendship.
maybe it was too much negativity.
or maybe it has just ran its course.
why the FUCK…
does that give someone the right to start telling your business?

what the hell is that about?
where is the fuckin’ loyalty?
shit like this makes you not want to trust people at all.
in friendships you are supposed to share things,
sometimes private moments,
and you expect them to stay between you and you “friend”.
well i guess the new thing is “friendship ends so lets start talking”.
you see these jackals expose everyone for 15 minutes of fame nowadays.
i started to wonder…

Why can friends turn into your biggest foes?

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Shut Up Baby and Just Take It (How To Survive War Tactics In Corporate or The Industry)

tumblr_mi6kbbOTOP1r9ulnho2_r1_500corporate america,
like the entertainment industry,
can be one of the mostt cut throat places to work.
people always go into it trying to make these life long friends.
they think because they chill outside of work,
probably telling all their business,
that they have some kind of bond.
well they soon realize that knife,
or a couple daggers and ninja stars,
isn’t really bonded to the other person’s hand.
tumblr_nfbjgtVD1e1tsqmfco1_250and this one:

tumblr_nf5xmh3NU41tcbhsqo2_500although who really knows with that story.
the main reason why with these industries is competition.
how can you really be friends with someone who is in the same hustle as you?
sometimes people who don’t like you will cosign someone your competition.
they will find someone new,
who they think is better than you,
and use them to try and bring you down.
i work in both industries so i got trained pretty quick on how to handle idiots.
i learned who i need to clap back at,
and who i just need to wait because they will ultimately bury themselves.
this new wolf seems like he will be the latter
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Can U Relate?

tumblr_nfh23jEMsA1tjahkno1_500today i was free so i was talking to jay,
a regular in the foxhole comment box.
we were talking about trying to find a good therapist.
oh you judging?
you could stand to use a session or two.
uh huh.
no but seriously…
we both agreed that we need a therapist who could relate to “us”.
i personally don’t want a:

straight wolf
black vixen
or anything of the snow like

i would love someone who was black,
and can relate to my issues rather than judge.
someone who knows what an attractive black discreet fox deals with.
as we both came to a mutual agreement,
he said the following and i swear,
everything came to a complete stop…

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Assume Your Position (How You’re NOT Getting Fucked By The D/L)

tumblr_mokpra6tIh1qg4uuho1_500i think the d/l get a bad wrap.
people like to blame the world’s problems on the d/l.
the problem i have with that is no matter who you are,
what role you play,
and how you choose to fuck,
a majority of the world is messy as fuck.
you know how many people i know are messy as fuck?
husbands cheating on their wives with random vixens.
wives cheatin on their husbands with random wolves.
people using social media to compete for the highest body count.
gays of all kinds jumping in the sack,
back alley,
or an abandoned building
without even knowing a name.
the world has gone mad because of sex.
easy sex.
hard sex.
we all want to be fucked or get fucked.
we want to cum in the best and fastest way possible.
that’s not the fault of the d/l.
thats the fault of hornballs.
personally i think this is where all the hysteria started…
(this entry is 18^,
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I’m Not Your Favorite and You Prove It Daily

tumblr_m829h6uo3x1rntg4bo1_500you won’t always be the “people’s choice”.
you’re black,
and no doubt good looking.
you probably know how to dress.
you’re smart.
kinda quiet.
some people don’t know how to figure you out.
you can do everything in your power to play “nice”.
bake cookies,
rescue a cat from a tree,
or stop a missile headed straight to the us with the help of superman…
it won’t mean shit!
some people will simply just not stand your ass.
well that is unless you are “the favorite”.
the life for “the favorite” is fantastic.
so i had to wonder,
in order to stop conflict and keep the peace

Should we all strive to become “the favorite”?…

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“Sean Moore” Is The Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things

ymCeNyEKQgzNEkx-580x326-noPadeveryone meet sean moore.
he is a cute wolf and from side of town,
harlem world.
next to bk,
harlem got some fine wolves fo’ that ass.
many who are d/l.
thats another story tho…
well seam is someone i’m sure i’d post in the foxhole,
but he fucked it up for himself.
here is the alleged reason why…
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You’re Use To A Mean Asshole

tumblr_static_twitterthey say energy is contagious.
i believe it.
i feel like we pass energy to each other daily.
you ever met someone who was just always “happy”?
you know those “people”.
they’re the ones that can see sun beams through thick rain clouds.
life could be a fuckin’ mess,
shit could be on the way up to the fan,
but somehow they see the positive in it all.
nothing ever seems to upset them.
they are the people we are “supposed” to be like.
they mastered the art of “killing people with kindness”.
the ones we have to emulate so we can make other people comfortable.
what is with this need that we’re supposed to make people comfortable anyway?
just a thought.
well i had to wonder…

Is it strange when someone is actually happy?
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In His Arms I Trust (Cuddle With Me Baby)

tumblr_nf9iia57Kv1r26ww2o1_1280i would love to cuddle with a body like this.
fresh out the shower and shirtless in sweats.
wait a minute…
hold on…
insides exploding at this very moment.
some people say a body like this is to hard to cuddle with.
well i don’t know about anyone else,
but i love to cuddle.
i think i’ve cuddled once or twice.
it was always after sex tho.
does that count?
one was with a muscular thick wolf i was talkin’ too.
he wanted me to stay over his crib after he had his way with me.
i remember laying my head on his chest as he…
snored very loud
but it felt…
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