You May See A Trans In Your School Bathroom Soon

tumblr_mcczxuXlFi1qe6vsbo1_1280-1so obama is trying to go with a bang,
i read this and was completely blown away.
so obama is ordering public schools to allow trans to have access to public bathrooms.
well whatever bathroom matches their identity.
if they don’t,
the school will lose funding.
read this via the new york times
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Checkbox: “Not Trying To Get Attached”?

tumblr_myz1roEUaj1sdaeu9o1_500so the straight wolves have a new scheme to cheat.
maybe the gay wolves too?
i don’t know.
so i decided to sit in with some of the straight wolves at work.
i love straight wolves because they put you up on game.
their stories are rather interesting because either:

a) they exaggerate the entire story for fellow wolf points
b) they are completely raw and honest about their fuckery

they will even come with proof.
well they were having a discussion on getting pussy outside their relationship.
i’m sure the straight vixens reading are about to explode.
this is what they are doing now…

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Petty or Die

13166897_1045218882218621_972595592_nmaybe she is getting paid?
this has to be some kind of scheme.
how can one say ^that and not be blacklisted?
what would be the end result?
she violated three stan bases who goe hard.
so azealia banks showed her natural black ass yesterday.
she fought with a couple of her peers it was ridiculous.
it went from zayn mailk to a 14 year old disney actress.
i was gonna post about it,
but it honestly turned me completely off.
i use to stan hard for ab,
but she obviously enjoys being petty.
is 2016 the year to be petty?
 i had to wonder…
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