You’re Use To A Mean Asshole

tumblr_static_twitterthey say energy is contagious.
i believe it.
i feel like we pass energy to each other daily.
you ever met someone who was just always “happy”?
you know those “people”.
they’re the ones that can see sun beams through thick rain clouds.
life could be a fuckin’ mess,
shit could be on the way up to the fan,
but somehow they see the positive in it all.
nothing ever seems to upset them.
they are the people we are “supposed” to be like.
they mastered the art of “killing people with kindness”.
the ones we have to emulate so we can make other people comfortable.
what is with this need that we’re supposed to make people comfortable anyway?
just a thought.
well i had to wonder…

Is it strange when someone is actually happy?
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In His Arms I Trust (Cuddle With Me Baby)

tumblr_nf9iia57Kv1r26ww2o1_1280i would love to cuddle with a body like this.
fresh out the shower and shirtless in sweats.
wait a minute…
hold on…
insides exploding at this very moment.
some people say a body like this is to hard to cuddle with.
well i don’t know about anyone else,
but i love to cuddle.
i think i’ve cuddled once or twice.
it was always after sex tho.
does that count?
one was with a muscular thick wolf i was talkin’ too.
he wanted me to stay over his crib after he had his way with me.
i remember laying my head on his chest as he…
snored very loud
but it felt…
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Does Norris Cole of The Miami Heat Like Foxhole? (Give Him My Email!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 4.02.02 PManyway i said to myself earlier:

“as soon as i get this laundry done,
we getting into this norris cole story…”

well laundry is done.
lets get into it.
so an f-bi sent me a link to cutie baller wolf,
norris cole of the miami heat,
being awfully generous to…
well let me show you…
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I Don’t Want Your Fine Ass (Rejection)

1346156013251_9407780everyone has been rejected once,

maybe even three times.
life comes with many forms of rejection.
that job we want that they give someone less qualified.
the love we want from our parents only to be given to the “bad” sibling.
and then there is the rejection that comes with dating.
that ones seems like the worse one of them all.
many online communities dedicated to low self worth over being turned down.
its usually not just anyone.
its that “guy”.
that “wolf”.
the one that was “perfect”.
rejection does sting and you can’t deny it doesn’t.
so i had to wonder…

Why is rejection worse when its someone we actually like?
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Its All Fun and Games Until Dudes Want Your Pipe on Video

tumblr_n4pf0nQfvA1r7how2o1_400its funny…
the talk of new yawk has been about that video.
the one with ( x the girl who walked for ten hours ).
the one where it showed how wolves act when they see a pretty vixen.
well a ton of vixens i know agreed with the video.
i like to do little q&a’s so i hit up a few of my homegirls for their thoughts.
they all had personal stories to share about harassment…
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Don’t Take Me Being Nice For Weakness

tumblr_mfc1hnEA9p1rs4vzjo1_500i’m starting to realize that…
one of the greatest weapons you can posses is being nice.
you read right.
i’m actually saying this.
for a long time,
i thought being “the asshole” was better.
you know those types.
i’ve witnessed people bowing down to those who were mean and nasty.
its hard not to think you have to become that to gain respect.
well guess what?
it takes experiencing something to see that it’s not what you want…
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Your Scent Is “Booty Booty Butt Cheeks” By Eau Du Toilette

tumblr_mya0umxP1L1scu9vwo1_1280we all live in our own forests.
thing is,
no one’s forest is truly the same.
when it comes to dating,
and not fuckin’,
everyone has a different scent.
it makes us who we are.
the scent of sex smells like “half naked pictures” and “suggestive texts”.
anyone can do that.
you can get anyone to fuck you if they are horny enough.
the scent of a hoe is pretty easy to smell.
when it comes to what makes someone stick around,
do you know what your scent is?
what it was?
well we need to take a trip inside.
deep inside.
so my question to you is…

What scent are you giving off?

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The Art of The Hook Up

HOOKUPhook up.
you know how it goes.
this is to piggy back off that entry last night.
you meet a “name” on a chat site.
you know the type.
one of the many “i’m a WOLF” screen names.
he has a body shot as his default.
the rest of his pictures are hidden.
so it goes something like this…
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Bedtime Stories About Sex Sites and Potential Loose Bussy you brush your teeth?
did you wash your face?
did you take a shower?
did you put your clothes out for tomorrow?
pack your bag?
good boy.
its time to hear a bedtime story!
one i will talk about tomorrow.
this is the story of a fox who realized gay sex sites are not the wave anymore.
well for him anyway.
hooking up is so yesterday,
or it is it?
well one of my f-bi sent me this story written by lester brathwaite.
it was seen over at mr obnoxious.
lets get into it shall we…
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