Your Competition Is Better Than U.

boxing-glovesthey say competition is healthy.
sometimes you don’t even realize you are competing with others.
competing can also be pretty corny as well.
kinda like this whole “stan war”,
where we only can have “one pop star” at a time,
is pretty damn annoying.
in a race,
we have to compete to get to the finish line.
in life,
we may find ourselves competing with others subconsciously.
we want the most likes,
and popularity.
in our jobs/careers,
we are competing for higher positions and better pay.
in love and lust,
we want “the one” that everyone wants or dreams of.
i had to wonder if its all really worth it?
and is it really healthy?
if we are all subconsciously competing with the next animal in the forest…

What are we actually winning?

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How To Get Caught Up On The Gram

instagramIcon_400x400this isn’t really a “public foxhole” announcement,
but moreso a “you could get that ass caught up” reminder.
moreso for the d/l and some discreet foxholers.
so you know how you be on the gram right?
you be liking random dudes pics ‘n’ adding friends ‘n’ shit.
well you that your followers can see that?
well this is how “the shade room” caught “empire”s lee daniels the other day.
he was on a liking frenzy and well…
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The Prize Yet To Be Claimed

objects-0166_large“you are sitting there.
you are the object of desire.
everyone wants to try for your attention.
funny thing is…
they don’t.
they would rather play the easy game than the challenge.
you make people want to step up.
get their shit together because they know…
you not like everyone else.
the only problem is…
​you are too much of a prize to really pursue.
how crazy is that?”

they say if you think you are a “prize”,
others will view you just the same.
does that really work in this life?
hell is it even working for the straights?
well i don’t know what to think about it anymore.
being the person that sits on the top shelf.
the one who pays their bills on time,
credit is exceptional,
everything is in their name,
and they are living that independent hustle.
realistically that all could be used against you when you are trying to date.
who woulda thunk?
check it…
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Adam Lambert Slept With The A List DL Wolves (Lucky!)

i’m jamari fox and ive been with a few baller wolves.”

^things i would never say out loud.
well some people are not like me.
adam lambert is one of them.
he had a pretty revealing interview with glamour uk.
  he admitted he slept with high profile wolves.

ones who happen to be on the low due to their careers.
this is a quick quote from the huffington post
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A Trip and Fall Down Memory Lane

letter,love,words,quote,roma,envelope-c019a671c5d81c4c2adbe21cf329bc0c_hi get great emails.
the foxhole is always in constant communicating with me.
if i don’t get back to your message,
please do not take offense!
i was speaking to an foxholer about “him” from my job.
“that guy”.
“him whose name shall not be mentioned”.
anyway he showed me this old entry from 2011:

x “Yo Straight Gay Wolf, Do Wanna Be My Manz? PAUSE and NO HOMO.”

honestly reading those comments helped me find my golden crown again.
thanks to the foxholer who had to refresh my soul drive.
well i was talking to vain,
one of the foxhole vets,
and showed him the entry.
well in a reponse,
he wrote the following
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Picky (Me)

tumblr_likp8itB881qb03ezo1_500they say you are “too picky”.
you listen.
they say you want something that doesn’t exist.
you listen.
they say you need to settle.
you listen.
so then you look in the mirror and wonder…

Is this why I’m single?

well you listened.
is it because you aren’t involved in the “hook up culture”?
you listened.
should i be on hook up sites sleeping with every “dick” or “in hairy”?
you listened.
so then you are forced to look around at everyone else.

the jackal is getting with the wolf you want.
the ratchet that has them climbing down her walls.
the common folks are doing more datin’ and fuckin’…

…and then you realized this is why you are single.
you aren’t like everyone else.
why is that such a problem?
when did “being different” become the worst thing in the world?
well i want you to remember something when you decide to listen to an idiot…
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“Give Me Attention!” says The Dumb Ass.

tumblr_inline_mr52hayNd51rkqae2everyone one of us loves attention in some way.
no one wants to feel un-wanted.
when you are in the spotlight,
or that someone you are really feeling is feeling you back,
it can be one of the most exhilarating feelings.
you can do and accomplish anything.
it gives you an extra pep in your step.
sadly when that attention is taken away,
or not returned in a way you want,
it can bring out people’s worst insecurities.
in this new age of taking a snap shot/video of everything,
we can get quick attention at a snap of a finger.
too bad its only fleeting.
we have to constantly seek validation from empty sources.
so even tho we know this…

Why do we still search for attention?

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Fake It Until You Can Believe Your Smile

make sure its not crooked.
hold my hand.
i need this to be perfect.
we need people to believe this.
most importantly…
i need to believe this…

i use to believe the filter on pictures.
while it tends to make a picture look great,
the un-edited shot is usually the most truthful.
thats the one brings the most beauty
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I Hacked His Phone and This Is What I Found

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 7.50.04 PM5-3-8…7





this dumb ass...
aight let me see his private messages…
i gave him 3 benadryls so he gonna be sleep until tomorrow afternoon.
just as i thought!
this asshole.

i don’t want to be this person.

“hackin’ my wolf’s phone to find out if he is cheatin’ on me.”

that person makes me break out in hives.
i usually judge that person in my head.

“if they know their wolf isn’t faithful,
what more proof is needed?

sometimes you can have all the proof and still need the “gut punch”.
you need to read the messages.
see the sexting.
your nose needs to inhale the bullshit.
no chaser.
so there you are…
screenshotting and emailing evidence to yourself.
sending messages to the hoes with a promise of an ass whoopin’.
why is the aggression directed at his ass?
why not drop him and realize our worth?
at some point,
in the matters of love,
do we all become “that person”?
the one who has to stalk his social media accounts?

i had to wonder…

Can you see yourself hackin’ your man’s phone?
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