tumblr_n4po8hon5P1qfyt7wo1_500one thing about this life we all live,
we really don’t know what we want.
well i know what i want.
others aren’t so lucky.
we want to be “the freakiest hoe”,
but also hope to meet someone great when looking for a simple freak.
how can we still expect a “white knight” after building a foundation off sex?
how do you expect someone to take you seriously after he busted on your face?

one you met looking for just that?
well one of my readers sent me an email that proved just that…
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tumblr_m7f4k0tQu91rpylqco1_500easy for this quote to say…
so as you know,
dating ain’t easy.
you know i ain’t lying.
see the problem with dating is it comes off like a job interview.
you know a job interview you don’t tell your potential supervisor everything.
you wait to show them you aren’t perfect.
wait until that probation period is up to reveal that you will come in late,
take way too many days off,
and you really don’t know microsoft office like you said on your resume.
don’t you wish dating was like this
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time-magazine-logowell i didn’t say it.
TIME magazine did.
matta fact it was black female writer,
sierra mannie,
who addressed all the white gays who act like culture vultures in TIME.
culture vultures being:

“uh huh!
no you dih’ntttttttt”

basically being a over ratchet caricature of a black vixen.
the one from the hood with 3 kids from 3 different baby daddies,
name starts with some variation of “la”,
and has various hair colors within the weave.
here is a snippet of what was said…
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carridefromhellive been wanting to talk about “the haves and have nots” all day.
i even wrote out my thoughts in an evernote on the way to work.
so last night was a powerful scene between veronica and jeffrey.
veronica decided to verbally abuse jeffrey about her constant fears that he is gay.
well she needs to be scared then.
he admitted he had sex with that vixen and hated it.
in a twist of fate,
she told him to “keep on fuckin’ females until he liked it”.
“mother of the year award” goes to…
i nearly threw up…
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drunkinlovedon’t you love when the straights start telling you what they “won’t” do?
especially when it comes to gayness?
so rick perry,
texas re-pub governor who is running for 2016 election,
has some things to say about being gay.
so he says may have the genetic coding to fuck a man,
BUT it’s choice not to get drunk off the feeling.
so you won’t see rick with a bottle of “booty bang” anytime soon…
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