RIP Terence Crutcher

tulsa20n-1-webanother one.
another fuckin’ one.
you would think that police would cut this shit out by now.
it’s not like this happened once or twice.
this has happened a few times without any justice.
they are determined to show us blacks aren’t safe in this country.
everyone say goodbye to terence crutcher,
an older wolf from tulsa, oklahoma
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The Half Dressed Tails of The Two Teachers

112732-welcome-to-my-classroomso i know the foxhole heard about the drama with patrice brown?
she is the forth grade teacher who looks like this:

everyone is up in arms about how she looks/dresses.
they feel she looks inappropriate to teach cubs their a, b, cs.
well there is another teacher who is now in the spotlight.
everyone meet jamel fenner
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Barack Obama Ain’t Did Nothing As President?

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640i remember when barack obama was voted into the white house.
the first time.
i remember seeing all my people jumping for joy,
and recording themselves losing their minds.
i was moved to the point of tears.
well it seems those opinions may have changed in 2016 now he is leaving.
many of those same animals views are now:

“obama ain’t did shit for us”

even mr “vote or die”,
he flat out said obama shortchanged us.
this is what he said via hiphop dx
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