The Art of The Hook Up

HOOKUPhook up.
you know how it goes.
this is to piggy back off that entry last night.
you meet a “name” on a chat site.
you know the type.
one of the many “i’m a WOLF” screen names.
he has a body shot as his default.
the rest of his pictures are hidden.
so it goes something like this…
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Bedtime Stories About Sex Sites and Potential Loose Bussy you brush your teeth?
did you wash your face?
did you take a shower?
did you put your clothes out for tomorrow?
pack your bag?
good boy.
its time to hear a bedtime story!
one i will talk about tomorrow.
this is the story of a fox who realized gay sex sites are not the wave anymore.
well for him anyway.
hooking up is so yesterday,
or it is it?
well one of my f-bi sent me this story written by lester brathwaite.
it was seen over at mr obnoxious.
lets get into it shall we…
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Kevin Terry Says His Dirty Mouth Ruined His Life

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10.40.15 PMso everyone should be familiar with kevin terry.
he was the one that got leaked ( x singing into a meat mic ).
there is a problem tho?
well i’m sure he isn’t doing that anymore.
no kevin was working towards being a gospel artist when this happened.
you know church folks like their gays heard and not seen.
well he went on “preachers of la” and said that leakage ruined his life.
pastor deitrick haddon met up with him and this was the outcome…
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He Did This Thing To My Ass That Made My Eyes Water

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.46.33 PMinteresting question.
i had to ask myself the same.
now i wasn’t going to post until tomorrow,
  but tonight’s “how to get away with murder” had me feeling a little…
(this entry is NSFW,

and “not for straight eyes”)…
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Brag Now; Cry Later?

tumblr_lz9fkcClfY1qbrjfso1_500brag so hard with ^that piece of paper.
so last night i did something stupid.

it actually lead to me having a really good conversation.
one that i’m still thinking about.
last week was “gone girl”.
this week is “late night conversations”.
i wanted to share with the foxhole…
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Raven-Symoné Ain’t Black or Gay (Or Human?)

rs_634x1024-130903075655-634.AzMarieLivingston.RavenSymone.jc^that is raven-symoné and her girlfriend,
azmarie livingston.
( x az ) is hot.
great job raven!
nice piece!
thats a quick side bar.
so as you know,
or maybe don’t,
but raven had an interview with oprah that has everyone real vex.
she said some things that aren’t really sitting well with people.
black people.
this is what she had to say…
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Daddy Lets Do It Again (I’ll Be Better The Second Time)

58194-Stop-And-Try-Againlife is funny.
one minute things can be going well,
and next thing you know,
you are faced with a surprise pop quiz you didn’t sign up for.
my question is that if you fail miserably the first time,
do you think you will get a shot to redeem yourself the second?
or do you think that first time was the best time?
today i thought about second chances…

Are some tests only meant to be taken one time?…

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Girls Who Think They Are Boys But Really Are Still Girls

tumblr_inline_mperngpf7m1qz4rgpalmost every straight girl with a uterus claims she is like “a nigga”.
its always some loud mouth,
sorta aggressive,
has no friends girl who shouts this to the world.
its like almost all new yawk girls are way too aggressive for their own good.
let some shit go down tho,
and suddenly those girly emotions come oozing out.
no chill.
all in their feels.
i’m sure we have all met “the girl who thinks she is a wolf,
but is really still a girl” once or twice in our lives.
liar liar thinks she is one of them…
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