tumblr_m7z08b1sN01rpmhcsya know,
i thought about something after observing this chris brown fiasco.
i’m always for the foxes,
so you know this is for you,
but i’m sure the hybrids and wolves could relate.
in this life,
you will meet that one person that you are attracted to HEAVY.
only thing is,
they don’t want you.
they could lead you on into thinking they do,
but realistically,
they have no attraction to you.
so you do all kinds of shit to be in their radar.

buying them shit
texting a little too much
drinking a gallon of water because you are dehydrated

trust me.
i been there so #nojudgment.
when you finally get the message you wasted your time,
it can feel like a gut punch.
from the sidelines,
you have to watch them date the absolute worse of the worse.
well this is what i want you do to…
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I Cum First (After THOTS Cum After)

12189081_2752355-clkfkhk_pm“i don’t care if you flirt with those bitches.
hell we not together.
you can fuck or get your dick sucked if you damn well please.
i care that you putting these cheap ass super thots before me.
see thats my problem.”

i was thinking about that today.
it lead to the following
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The Curious Case Study of Jussie Smollett

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.46.47 PMeveryone wants to know who jussie is smashin’.
“jamal” from empire for those who are confused.
well you can all stop wondering!
we have been smashing for quite some time.
he lives in my foxhole…
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Ask Me My Talent

tumblr_mwidaa31Ho1s9ox3qo4_500why does going after your dreams feel so…
it makes you feel kinda insecure?
almost like you want to give up?
like why does that happen?
why is it when we are confronted with what we want,
or something we thought we knew we wanted,
(until we got all the logistics)
that we buckle?
it can feel like throwing it in the air,
running far away,
and never coming back.
our careers look easy in our minds,
but we have no idea the hard work that goes into it.
acting is hard work.
modelling is hard work.
rapping is hard work.
writing is hard work.
fashion is hard work.
blogging is hard work.
college is hard work.
careers are hard work.
everything requires some kind of sacrifice.
so i had to ask…

You thought it was gonna be easy, huh?
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