The Whole (Foods) Truth and Nothing but The Truth


1cb2a17374083.560aa66797b12oooooooooookay so this story baffled me.
i don’t understand get it,
but maybe you will.
so an openly gay pastor,
by the name of jordan brown,
went to go get a cake that said:

“love wins”

…and ended up with a cake that said something different.
that’s the part i’m not getting.
check the story via the new york daily news so we can talk about it…
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It’s Hard Out Here for “Friendships”


what does “friendship” today mean?
is it meeting someone and forming a bond?
is it a stand in until you can throw them under the bus?
i really don’t understand the animals in these forests.
we want these great “fantasy” relationships,
but we can’t even keep our friendships in order.
you love someone one minute,
and the next,
you are airing them out on all your social media accounts.
i had to wonder…

Are we all just being fake to each other?

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They Will Kill Your Ass

The_Holy_Bible“the world is coming to an end soon!” – the older animals

 they always swear the world was on it’s way to destruction.
every year!
well even though i’m still young,
i can honest say the world is headed to hell pretty quickly.
there is so much violence nowadays that it’s ridic.
jackals are killing you for simple things,
you can’t even trust the police anymore,
and this age of social media takes joy in uploading violence.
they fighting on tv like they do on the streets.
if someone don’t get thrown to the floor at a reunion show,
it’s considered a wash.
it all leading to the same story.
everyone is fuckin’ angry and for no reason at all.
so i couldn’t help but wonder…

Are we really living in the last days?…

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