Injecting Oil In Your Muscles Is The New IG Filter

valdir-as-a-child^that is valdir segato as a cub.
the wolf this following story a f-bi sent me is all about.
so there is something i suspect that all the work out warriors suffer with.
now not all of them,
but if you really put two and two together
all this random working out they do in disguise as being fit.
“i just want to look better naked” memes but single af.
the gym is literally making them their bitch.
well their symptoms may stem from “body dysmorphic disorder”.
it’s basically seeing perceived flaws on your bawdy,
and even going to extremes to improve your bawdy,
even though nothing is wrong with you.
that is where valdir segato comes in.
he has gone as far as injecting oil into his bawdy for bigger muscles.
check this out via the mirror
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Hurt People F*ck The Brains Out Of Other Soon To Be Hurt People


/you already know this entry will have nsfw adult images and material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

you know everyone is still talking about the season finale from “insecure”?
that left a lasting impression on a lot of us.
besides the relationship woes between lawrence and issa,
the other side of the debating is…


jay ellis became a star that night.
the thing is,
do you really want dick like that tho?
The universe will give it to you nice ‘n’ hard,
but peep this…
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“Hi, My Ass Is Loose. Can We Still Fall In Love?”


/this entry contains adult material and images.
viewer discretion is advised.

so i was having an interesting convo with my home wolf the other day.
as much as i like talking to foxes,
i love speaking with wolves.
it doesn’t even matter if they’re gay or straight.
like hoes,
i find their views on dating and sex very fascinating.
during our conversation,
i asked him when was the last time he had sex.
he told me how he banged some fox the other day,
but there was a tiny problem…
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They Killed Will Sims For The New Hateful Nation of Donald Trump

everyone say goodbye to will sims.

this story came at such an ironic time that i’ll get into later.
it really made me have to look myself,
and even the foxhole,
a lot differently because there will probably be more of “this”.
so an f-bi sent me this tragic story from the ny daily news.
i had to share it with the foxhole…
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