Plenty of Robbery and Murder Charges

sharkjust when i was about to join a site like “”,
a f-bi sends me this.
it just ain’t safe in these dating forests.
you can’t even get fucked without some shit.
so our latest victim comes from “plentyoffish”.
he was looking for a little romance and this happened…
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Love… Shouldn’t Have Killed Me Last Night

it can make you do crazy things.
it can make you a complete idiot or have you kill someone.
well some of us would kill for a wolf like ^that.
that jackal in wolf’s fur,
who goes by marcus bellamy,
killed his boyfriend out of “love”.
so much so,
he posted his lovely confession to the murder on his facebook.
wait til you read this story via the f-bis and ny daily news
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you hear that noise?
it’s a ringing sound.
i think your phone is ringing.
not your cell phone.
it’s another call you are about to get.
you don’t hear it?
you soon will.

we can get comfortable.
it could be at:

within your career

now don’t get me wrong,
you have slayed and can’t be fucked with on your life journey.
that is around the time you start to lose yourself in the process.
it isn’t until you start mingling with the “others”,
and by “others” i mean those in the snow,
that shit can start to get real.
it isn’t until you meet “new blacks” that will stab you in the back for your spot.
a few knives in your back or one around your throat.
it’s called…
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