He Has HIV (and You Might Get It Too)

tumblr_nub3wyyB7d1tavs5io1_500hiv scares the livin’ fuck outta me.
i think thats what has stopped me from thottin’ and boppin’.
compared to others,
i was not that bad anyway
i’ll be 100 with the foxhole.
when i had that hiv scare a couple years ago,
it crippled me.
i lost so much weight and had nightmares by just worrying.
it was a problem.
after being tested twice,
both coming back negative,
i realized that the “random hook up” life is not for me.
after this charlie sheen revelation on “the today show”,
i had to wonder about the animals and hiv

Do you really care if you catch it?…

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The Baller Wolf Who Stopped Me From Joining Hookup Apps

dead12n-2-webgod works in mysterious ways.
i was feeling lonely and was two seconds from making a jack’d account.
i was feeling real “being mary jane” today.
i was gonna sign up to look for my “thomas jones/cutty buddy”.
well one of the f-bi stopped me in my tracks with this story.
^that baller wolf was the reason i’m not anymore.
check this story via the ny daily news
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