So Orlando Brown Was MmmBoppin’ On The Down Low?

whenever i hear someone is a homophobic hyena,
i automatically assume they want my foxhole or someone in theirs.
the homophobic hyenas always make things way too easy.
remember when orlando brown called out trey songz the other day?
( x read about it here )
it seems that he is being allegedly called out for his “activities” as well.
this is where a vix-bi led me…
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That Time 700 From Grindr In One Night Showed Up

so you want to get revenge over your ex,
well you have a few options.
you send him:

a shit cake
a dead rat postal
let God handle it

ok then how about send 700 horny forest dwellers from grindr to his den?
well that is what allegedly happened to matthew herrick.
he is suing grindr for it as well.
towerload has the story…
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Markeith Rivers and His Prey (Exposed)

/the following entry is parental advisory and nsfw.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

the f-bi came through.
as usual.
markeith rivers,
the jackal who outs his dl prey,
has released his victims to the world.
on pornhub under “the dl detective”.
this is a quick sample of what he put up…
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When The Crazy Jackals Strike Without Warning

you know don’t know who is crazy af out here.
crazy doesn’t have a “look”.
it can look like a regula degula shemegula in your neighborhood or block.
you wouldn’t think ^that jackal would commit the following crime.
you wouldn’t assume he was a jailbird either.
his name is junal jordan and this is what he did via the new york daily news
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