This Is What Happens When You Aren’t Home

constedujourokay imagine this…
you leave to go to work everyday and went you get back,
you can sense something happened in your crib.
you know when someone has been in your space.
it’s like the energy is off.
you start noticing your bed wasn’t how you left it.
you can’t prove anything,
but you know something is definitely up.
you decide to set up a hidden video camera to record your bedroom.
when you get home and reviewed the video,
this is what you saw via the smoking gun
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Jennifer Boyle Sings The Blues

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-14-37-pm i love when the jackals and hyenas show their ass,
but end up being assed out in the process.
it goes to show karma is very real.
so remember this ( x she snow hyena from this entry )?
she was the trump supporter acting belligerent over a shopping bag.
she claims she was discriminated against by black vixens who worked at the store.
well looks like she has been found!
this is an update
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DMX Tells Us How It’s NOT Going Down

9f8c76f1789b9b0212eb9542a4ca36e1i love when straight wolves randomly blurt out shit no one asked about.
when ya’ll talking about whats on the lunch menu and he says:


you know,
because we didn’t see “gay sex” was on the menu.
the ones that kill me are always on social media.


well at a recent concert,
dmx blurted out something he has never done with a pineapple.
a vix-bi led me over to the shade room and well…
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They Killed Will Sims For The New Hateful Nation of Donald Trump

everyone say goodbye to will sims.

this story came at such an ironic time that i’ll get into later.
it really made me have to look myself,
and even the foxhole,
a lot differently because there will probably be more of “this”.
so an f-bi sent me this tragic story from the ny daily news.
i had to share it with the foxhole…
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