The Gorilla That Had To Die Because of Neglectful Parents

Cjnt14tWkAAvzqlthis story about this gorilla really broke my heart.
you know i’m an animal lover so i can’t.
so typical story.
parents not watching their cub at zoo.
somehow cub falls in the animal pit.
all hell breaks loose.
this is what happened after via fox news
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The Most Offensive Thing I Have Witnessed (Odell Beckham Jr)

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 6.07.50 PMthis is the rudest fuckin’ things i’ve seen in a long time.
i don’t even…
so in a nutshell,
a hyena asks odell beckham jr’s father on his ig if his cub is gay.
the father also replied.
an f-bi damn near blew up my emails about this.
look at this shit…
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Finally, The Whole (Foods) Truth from Pastor Jordan Brown

940926_1255919061103707_3726745395969731775_ni don’t get why animals do this.
they create a spectacle,
get caught up,
and then have to admit they lied to the world.
no pride?
well remember ( x this story ) with pastor jordan brown?
he is the gay pastor who accused whole foods of writing a gay slur on a cake.

well look at the outcome…
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“The Azealia Banks Show” Has Come To An End

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.57.38 PM

they need to take off their capes.

well ya’ll done got that crazy hyena suspended off twitter.
i went to azealia bank’s twitter account and saw this…
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