Its Going To Be A Snow Storm In Hollywood This Year


so out of all the movies featuring black actors,
all which were pretty good movies,
its confusing how none of them were nominated.
its going to be a “white out” at the oscars this year.
i guess its only fitting since obama is leaving the white house this year.
well jada pinkett smith is calling for a boycott this year.
this is what she said on her twitter

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Just Being White, You Will Win At Life

tumblr_nulourif2Z1uu9fqho1_500well i didn’t say it.
take that “look” to the article.

its funny how other races are also color struck.
you would think that shit only happened in america.
well we know the latin animals won’t even look at you if you are darker.
hell the ones from spain will look down on the ricans and domincans.
well who knew thailand also had “light/dark” color issues?
well this company called seoul secret is under fire for their beauty ad.
they are promoting a pill called “snowz” that will turn you white.
that already sounds like a armageddon within your body.
check out the future via cnn
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Bill Cosby Probably Won’t Have His “Legend” Ticket Validated

ht_bill_cosby_booking_photo_float_jc_151230_16x9_608bill cosby is over.
that is the look of defeat in his mugshot tonight.
its a shame how his legacy went up in flames right before our eyes.
this is why bill is in the slammer via abc news
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The Baller Wolf With The Secrets (and Good Taste)

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 6.50.28 PMguess whose wolf ^that is?
not mine.
after what i read about that wolf,
i’m thankful.
so you know when you become popular,
your stock starts to rise and more prospects cum for you.
you can go from “being lonely” to “fuckin’ the finest animals ever”.
well that may have happened to one of my favs.
check out who that piece of meat may belong too…
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