The Follow Up That Is “Michael Jackson” NOT Played By

well that was quick.
even resting peacefully,the king of pop can still make moves.
so remember ( x that disgusting trailer ) for what i thought was a movie,
but is really a show,
called “urban myths”?
they had a white actor “trying” to play michael jackson.
well it’s been pulled from the episode line up.
here is what happened via npr
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Let’s Do Something Wild Tonight! Let’s Go Catch HIV!

so we covered a lot of good stuff in the foxhole for 2016.
well how did we miss this story?
it’s about a new way of having raw sex.
a foxholer sent me the latest wave in catching hiv.
you do it purposely!
it’s called “sex roulette”.
it goes a little something like this via the huffington post
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you know what i hate?
you know what i hate even more?

idiots who do dumb shit,
but when the dumb shit comes back to them,
they want to create chaos and piss everywhere

well i was bombarded with utter foolishness today…
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This Is What Happens When You Aren’t Home

constedujourokay imagine this…
you leave to go to work everyday and went you get back,
you can sense something happened in your crib.
you know when someone has been in your space.
it’s like the energy is off.
you start noticing your bed wasn’t how you left it.
you can’t prove anything,
but you know something is definitely up.
you decide to set up a hidden video camera to record your bedroom.
when you get home and reviewed the video,
this is what you saw via the smoking gun
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