The Bishop Allegedly Likes “Touch Me; Tease Me” For Praise and Worship

adkinsmolester-660x330if i didn’t believe in karma before…
s0 ^that tweet came from bishop ken adkins.
he had a lot to say about the pulse orlando shootings.
he felt like all the gays deserved to die in that tragic incident.
well in a karmic twist,
brutha jackal adkins got himself arrested.
you won’t believe for…
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Is This What Happens When You Ride The “D”?

Dtrain…you get infested with bugs?
when you ride the trains of new yawk,
you are bound to see any and everything.
it is always an adventure.
well this crazy she-hyena decided to violate with every inch of her life.
she let some damn bugs off on the d train.
a foxholer sent me the story from the new yawk daily news and well…
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Plenty of Robbery and Murder Charges

sharkjust when i was about to join a site like “”,
a f-bi sends me this.
it just ain’t safe in these dating forests.
you can’t even get fucked without some shit.
so our latest victim comes from “plentyoffish”.
he was looking for a little romance and this happened…
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Love… Shouldn’t Have Killed Me Last Night

it can make you do crazy things.
it can make you a complete idiot or have you kill someone.
well some of us would kill for a wolf like ^that.
that jackal in wolf’s fur,
who goes by marcus bellamy,
killed his boyfriend out of “love”.
so much so,
he posted his lovely confession to the murder on his facebook.
wait til you read this story via the f-bis and ny daily news
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