Stacey Dash Thinks Jessie Williams Is The Big Bad Wolf

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.24.47 PMwhat is going on with stacey dash?
is it mental illness?
sudden dose of rabid attentionista she can’t rid of?
she is so negative and bitter against her own kind.
what did “we” do to her?
it’s funny,
but last night i said to self:

i wonder what stacey dash thinks of what jessie’s speech?”

well i got my answer from a news source and a foxholer.
look at what she said to say via the new york daily news
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The Desperate Gun Slingin’ Housewife

Cl1ZZyiVYAEKi-dwell she looks crazy.
this sounded like an episode of “desperate housewives”.
so christy sheats,
who use to reside in texas,
decided to give her hubby a birthday present he will never forget.
she killed their daughters right in front of him.
this is the story via the daily mail
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One Snaps and A Suicide


snapchat is the new wave.
if you live under a rock,
snapchat is another social media service for your roster.
it uses images and short pictures to show your life “behind the scenes”.
after 24 hours,
the story is ghost and you start fresh with new updates.
the animals think because a story is erased,
they can do all kind of ratchet shit with no evidence left.
well the ex wolf of this 15 year old vixen thought he was getting revenge.
her supposed “friends” started it.
what he did was cause her to commit suicide via the daily beast
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Bobby Brown is The Example of a “Bad Wolf”

us-bobby-brown-whitney-houston-cover-zoom-ce383d67-c9b0-414e-b504-8d63219abd54someone is broke.
you know when people start running their mouthes,
especially about their dead “loved ones” business,
that a check was somewhere involved.
well this is celebs.
your family may do it for free.
so bobby brown is talking about his relationship with whitney houston.
he wrote his memoirs in his new book,
“every little step”.
he revealed everything about whitney,
including her relationship with a vixen named “robyn crawford”.
whitney may have been bisexual.
this is what he had to say via us weekly
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