Don’t Get Jacked on “Jack’d” (The Irony?)

find “him” now all right.
“him” being a violent jackal out for blood and that wallet.
an f-bi wanted to update the foxhole on another hook up app story.
this time its on “jack‘d”.
the irony.
the story was found via atlanta q journal
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Lil Boosie Ain’t For The Gays

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.03.51 PMi almost let out a heavy:


…until i realized he had me spelling “independent” in the club.
well he was featured on that track.
his whole career seems like a feature.

either way,
he can still get that “who?”.
so lil boosie had a rant on his ig about the gays.
everywhere he turns,
he says is seeing gay shit this and gay shit that.
this is what he had to say via the shade room

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He Outed Him; He Kilt Himself (Fair Trade?)

12183927_1487177674920283_3961616476104392064_oso markeith rivers has blood on his paws.
you know he is in the business of outing animals who are on the dl.
well he outed someone who ended up committing suicide.
here is the story via reportquickly
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