Getting Shitted On Can Be A Good Thing

when shit happens in your life,
you can go through a metamorphosis of sorts.
i have been feeling like that foxhole.
after being laid off,
and seeing who my real “friends” are,
i have been getting a new coat of thicker fur.
i mean,
i’ve been through this before,
but it’s tougher this era.
i’m out of “everything sucks” and in “taking myself to the next level” mode.
the fear i use to have isn’t like how it was years ago.
i’m giving myself a much deserved mental break after everything i been through.
one where i’m learning to just relax and not live in “panic” mode.

i was in the shower earlier and something came to me.
there are a couple reasons why things go to shit in our lives.

1) so you can be humbled tremendously
2) so you can do what your calling really is

there is also a third one that i’ll address down below…
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You Won The Battle, but Your Forest Will Burn Soon Enough

i don’t think you should go.
i have a bad feeling about this.
i really think you should stay home tonight.”

we have all heard stories like this.
someone begs another not to do something,
they do it anyway,
and some shit happens.
either they end up dying tragically or regret not listening forever.
well that is similar to this whole “chrisette michele/trump” debacle.
i see a lot of “us” saying:

get that money!”

“if trump asked me to sing for that amount,
i’ll do it!”

there is a problem with those things.
it shows me that you’re morally bankrupt.
this is the reason why
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I Only Like It When You Coddle These Butt Cheeks

we gotta stop coddling our favorite celebs.
we gotta stop coddling those we are attracted to.
we gotta coddling our friends and fam that go awry.

we gotta stop coddling.

there is this epidemic where if someone we like fucks up,
we will rush to their defense and throw verbal hands.
even if they were in the room,
with the knife,
and took a selfie over the dead bawdy.
certain stan bases…
i’m looking at you.
we never get anywhere in life surrounded by “yes” enablers.
it only makes us feel superhuman,
which can be dangerous.
i suspect this is why so many are out here looking a mess.
where are their friends?
a foxholer?
now don’t get me wrong
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UPDATE: Blessings Came Down To A Fellow Foxhole Vet!

i’ve learned that the rain has to fall in order for flowers to grow.
it’s simply your season to be rained on and washed out.
it’s only after the rain has passed that you see the blessings in your life.
well malcolm,
a fellow foxhole vet,
has been through some rain and wanted to update us.
i ( x wrote an entry ) asking you to pray for him.
well check out what has happened to him since…
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