Stripper Jonathan “Heat” Martinez Lil’ Brotha Gets Some Smash Leakage?

/the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

remember we talked about jonathan “heat” martinez alleged half brother,
( x check his alleged leakage here )
you know i’m not big on jack off videos.
well a vix-bi came through with the alleged sex tape leakage of vinny.
this is him getting some alleged throat by a vixen and a quick stroke resume for foxhole review…
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The One Light Eyed Bandit Does “Mugshot”

jail is not a good look,
but sometimes,
the ones going to jail can look good af.
don’t act like they don’t.
they come out of jail looking like “fuck me stupid”.
remember when we gave all our virtual drawz to that ( x light eyed prisoner )?
jeremy meeks ended up getting to walk phillip pleins’s show last new yawk fashion week.

that coat is fly.
well another bandit caught me eye with his light eye in his mugshot…
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#TBT: My First iSPY

 i found my first ispy.
i took it when i had a shitty phone so the quality is “eh”.
i think i took it in ’09.
i can’t remember.
it’s funny how small the forests are.
so i was talking to foxholer,
about this one hispanic wolf we came in contact with.
he was a manager at bbqs on 42nd.
what caught my attention was how fine he was,
but it was his fat tail that was the star of that show.
i think everyone went to see him and their drinks.
i know i did.
well this is the ispy i sneaked when i was feeling adventurous
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