“If I Had To Mess With A DL…”


i mean safe sex is a must.
i know this topic is taboo and all,
but i don’t particular give a damn.
my inner werewolf felt like being…
i gotta let my ratchet side out for air sometimes.

so this video,
taken from ilykeembig on pornhub,
definitely features a wolf that fits my “dl description”

(oh and this is DEF nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes unless curious”)

this is not for the cubs.

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What “F’d Completely Stupid” Tends To Look Like

tumblr_lolicc4yOh1qe0ijfo1_400^this is what happens to some after getting good pipe.
you know what i’m talking about foxes.
you don’t be thinkin’ straight.
if your eyes didn’t roll in the back of your head or you neighbors think you getting murdered

the way he moves his hips when he is diggin’ inside.
the way he toots his tail up,
and then contracts it when he is thrusts inside

the way he passionately strokes when he is going slow

the way he knows when to pound hard,
but knows when to keep it solid

justin slayer is the epitome of having “the fucked stupid” stroke.
he be fuckin’ these vixens like he love em.
this clip is one reason why…

(nsfw and 18^)

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foXXX Videos: The New “Bait”?

tumblr_nvwxjciaiB1sqzfgqo1_1280well move over pipe pics,
the new “bait” is foXXX videos.
thank god.
like i said in the other entry,
i can’t do anything with a dick pic.
a video showing how you use your pipe?
or how you work that cootie cat/fox tail?

i’m all in.
well according to my sex nasty f-bi,
a couple wolves allegedly got baited with their foXXX videos.
personally speaking,
i can’t confirm or deny the origins.
just enjoy the smut like i did.
the following are:


put the “christian” to bed lets go…
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