foXXX Videos: The New “Bait”?

tumblr_nvwxjciaiB1sqzfgqo1_1280well move over pipe pics,
the new “bait” is foXXX videos.
thank god.
like i said in the other entry,
i can’t do anything with a dick pic.
a video showing how you use your pipe?
or how you work that cootie cat/fox tail?

i’m all in.
well according to my sex nasty f-bi,
a couple wolves allegedly got baited with their foXXX videos.
personally speaking,
i can’t confirm or deny the origins.
just enjoy the smut like i did.
the following are:


put the “christian” to bed lets go…
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The Wolf Who Actually Likes To Beat Up The Coochie

tumblr_nuf04u7z5Y1ufa4oyo6_1280lets talk about wolves that actually turn me on.
^this one for example.
so everyone meet will.
“hi will”.
will has a few things he wants to show you.

“how he tames the coochie”

….our favorite?
well check out these following videos and you be the judge.
oh this is most definitely:


we are headed into the non-christian like portion of the evening.
our favorite?
now that’s out the way,
lets go…
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Faces of Pleasure from The Fine Wolf

11265250_444580502376337_5285671595806515397_nhe is “the truth”.
patrick “the truth” moore that is.
i posted about him ( x a while back ).
good to see he became a beast over the years.
well an f-bi sent me this video of patrick getting what he needed.
the video is pg-13.

may not be viewed at work
the straights can view it

you know how i get in an entry like this.
well you know when a wolf is experiencing pure pleasure.
he trembles or his toes curl.
his facial expressions are also a dead giveaway…
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