The Yellow One Has Another Sex Leakage?

/the following entry is foxxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

yellow is such a beautiful color.
as you know,
yellow matches perfectly with brown.
our favorite yellow attentionisto is at it again in a new video.
one of the f-bi sent this clip and well…
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When Not Giving A Fuck Face Fucks You Hard

/the following entry has VERY explicit content.
viewer discretion is highly advised.

so to piggyback off that last entry,
( x “what the fuck-er” ),
one of the foxholers sent me in something in regards to it.
everyone wanted to aspire to be like aralyia aka “dikasukka”.
remember him?
( x see his work )
sidebar: i’m so sad his main site is now down.
he had some videos i wanted to see.
it seemed like a slew of dick sukkers popped up to leave their marks.
well this one hyena did just that.
he decided to upload himself in a few videos suckin’ dick,
but he uploaded one that got the attention of many.
he was getting savagely face fucked by some pre baller wolf.
this is the video for your review

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Herman Newsome, aka HNAmazin, Is Getting Paid To Smash


/this entry will contain graphic images and material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so that connectpal shit is for the birds.
i don’t want to see anyone jackin off or taking a shower.
if ima pay good money to cum,
i want to see sex.
well ^that wolf decided to take his skills on the road.
the porn studio to make some money off his talent!
you might remember him from these videos
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