foXXX: All The Wolves Like To Bang Ratchet Coochie

if not all,
wolves like ratchet cooch.
as much as they try to deny it,
they will do dumb shit to get a a taste of “hoodrat hoe”.
something about the pussy being better.
something about them doing whatever for pipe.
who knows.
all i know is one of my fav hoodrat hoes,
lady que,
vanished of private black couples.
i was a little concerned,
but she is back!
a vix-bi who is a big fan updated me tonight…
(nsfw and 18^)
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Wyatt from #HAHN Gets Some Leakage

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 8.38.58 PMso an f-bi alerted me about wyatt.
also know as aaron o’connell from “the haves and have nots”.
yeah thats his new name.
i don’t know who this “aaron” person is.
well it seems like he had some recent leakage from an old model shoot…
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foXXX: The Neighbors Know His Whole Name?

inflatable_dollwhat is “damn he tore my shit up” mean to people?
ever so often,
we meet a wolf who is cocky in the bed.
we beggin for mercy and can’t stop moaning.
the neighbors know his first,
and parent’s name.
what would you think of a wolf if had someone hollering like this…
and a link that isn’t for straight eyes)…
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foXXX: The Full Monte

BsPVClrCEAA7C90everybody is a porn star now.
well not me.
i’m a full fledged christian.




don’t look at me like that.
all the good lookin wolves have decided to make sex tapes the new movement.
are we complaining?
well this straight wolf wants to put his bid in.
everyone meet
(this is def 18^ and nsfw )…
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