Released Onto Me (I Got On My Knees After)

i was spending most of my days researching and asking questions.
it was concerning to me.


i went to websites with various answers to my question.
most where positive.
others were downright scary.
i didn’t do anything wrong,
but hyenas and jackals can make it look so.
i let most of my crazy out with friends and foxholers.
they all tried to keep me reassured,
but the other side was:

“What if it doesn’t happen?”

after speaking to that older vixen at unemployment,
she left my fate with a question mark.
don’t do that.
don’t have me out here slowly going crazier than i am.
that she was.
everything was enhanced at that point.
i started seeing how i had little to no money and was on survival mode.
one of the foxholers donated money to me for groceries,
but other than that,
i was about to be on tap.
i woke up to blessings

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Check Who Is Getting A Yam Pounding By Idris Elba

so i didn’t win.
*sad face*

i had to let the foxhole know.
idris elba did not get the chance to pound my yams.
well you guys have been wondering who won the “win a date with idris elba/pound his yams” contest through omaze.
( x see it here )
i’ve gotten a ton of emails asking about it.
check who won the contest…
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You Can’t Block The “Moonlight”

all 3 stages of his life from “moonlight”.
so last night,
after it looked like “la la land” took best picture,
my bawdy decided to get violently sick.
not my choice or because of the winner.
i was ejecting TMI from each hole.
i turned the tv off after they walked up stage,
but i apparently missed all the festivities.
this is what went down…
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