I’m Working On My Masterpiece

jessie-j-sweet-talker-album-coveryou guys do me so well.
so i got a message today about a song from jessie j.
its called “masterpiece” on her album,
“sweet talk”.
my reader said as he was listening to the song,
he thought of me.
isn’t that sweet?
well i went to take a listen and share it with the foxhole in the struggle…
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Have A Safe 4th of July Night!

tumblr_n87xwa6hWc1rlm9j6o1_500thank you tumblr and whoever this wolf’s parents are.
in any event,
i hope everyone in the foxhole had an grand 4th of july.
due to reasons beyond my control,
and this shitty ass new yawk weather,
i was stuck in the crib.
don’t “aww”.
i watched movies,
caught up on my shows,
played episode 2 of “the walking dead” game,
and lifted my leg up to scratch my tail.
i enjoyed my time out.
its not my time to be vip invited yet.
anyway be careful out in these streets tonight.
i want you all safe.
you can’t tell fireworks from gunshots with these negros.

photo credit: the photo chase


merryxmasi hope everyone got everything they wanted,
as well as gave just the same.
this year,
i only got two presents.
two presents that meant so much.
first was a huge blessing from a secret santa baller wolf.
i couldn’t have been more grateful.
the second was actually from YOU.
yeah, YOU reading.
i stopped checking my stats a couple months ago.
i don’t want to be a stat whore to website views,
but i decided to do it last night just to see.

ijfstatsyou gave me the gift of ridin’ with me through it all,
and i returned it with content for you to enjoy.
thank you all,
i love you,
and please enjoy your day!


Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Like What Good Pipe Can Do To You

okyesyou know i’m black when the first thing i do is so steal a hummer,
go get a hair cut,
and then go see some skrippas.
grand theft auto 5 has got me consumed.
it had me up until 5 am last night.
geez is this what getting mind altering pipe feels like?…
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I Want To Pipe Prostitutes In Back Alleys (GTA)

gta5-wallpaperso as you know every (baller) wolf has gone into hibernation for the winter.
gta has been released.
they’ll only be coming out to get food,
use the bathroom,
and maybe some pussy/booty.
honestly i wanted to treat myself and buy it.
this would be the first time i actually played it.
a “straight” wolf i know use to know loved to invite me over to watch him play.
he would get excited as he did shit.
it was kina like foreplay.
so i wanted to ask
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